We knew Hillary's pantsuit looked familiar!

 It's OK to laugh. She has it coming.

VP Debate proves Tim Kaine is bat-guano crazy

Some of Donald Trump's support comes from the fact that people cannot stomach the idea of a person like Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. After the first Vice Presidential Debate, Republicans may have an even better argument. Does America really want someone as unhinged as Tim Kaine a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Lester Holt targeted Trump, gave Hillary a pass

As the first Presidential debate continues to be analyzed, a disturbing but undeniable trend has emerged: moderator Lester Holt was blatantly targeting Donald Trump, while giving Hillary Clinton a pass on the tough questions surrounding her campaign. This is more than just spin to help Trump, who obviously under-performed. The numbers - and the facts - don't lie.

HILLARY DEBATE WATCH: Everyone's racist, but government spending can solve it

In the first Presidential debate at Hofstra University, Hillary Clinton made a remarkable claim: everyone has "implicit bias" towards race. She then made it worse by suggesting a ridiculous solution: have the government throw money at it! Watch the video after the jump:

GUN CONFIRMED? Keith Lamont Scott's gun may be seen in Charlotte police bodycam video

(Originally posted at SilenceIsConsent.net) The “victim” narrative of Keith Lamont Scott is falling part. The family of Scott has insisted that he was not carrying a gun when he was shot by Charlotte police last week. That story has now been discredited, as police officials have said his gun was found at the scene with his fingerprints and DNA on it. The police bodycam and dashcam video does not appear to show him carrying a gun. Or so it seemed.

"I'll Beat Your A**!" Charlotte protester threatens Fox News reporter on live TV

While covering the Charlotte riots on Thursday night, Fox News reporter Mike Tobin faced off with a masked protester on live television. The protester made obscene gestures and then threatened "I'll beat your a**" when Tobin tried to ask him a question. See the video below:

I don't think this guy will be held up as the face of the protesters by the mainstream media.

Hillary Clinton's campaign database is unsecured, open to hacking

Jack O'Sullivan of Regated.com has exposed yet another security flaw in a Hillary Clinton computer system. This time, it involves personal information for voters around the country. Even your personal information may be at risk, as this violation of voter privacy is not limited to Democratic voter databases.

SMU honors fallen Dallas cops with new helmet logo

The NFL would not allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a sticker on their helmet to honor the five Dallas police officers killed in an ambush in July, so Southern Methodist University in Dallas is standing up to say "Blue Lives Matter."

Breaking: Pics show cops shot NYC bomber in his jihad journal

Pictures of the journal New York City bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami had on him when authorities shot and arrested him have been released. The pictures show some entries in the journal, as well as a page with a bullet hole from a cop's gun and soaked in Rahami's own blood.

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert mocks memory of Benghazi heroes to defend Hillary

Stephen Colbert isn't hosting a late night talk show on CBS; he's hosting an anti-conservative propaganda machine that runs after the local news and makes occasional jokes.

The Kaepernick Effect: Cop car vandalized with 'F*** the Police'

Denton, Texas may seem like a quiet college town in North Texas, but even there, the anti-police sentiment that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has fostered is in full view.

Liberal hipster musician swipes "Back the Blue" sign, gets caught

Earlier this week, the woman in the picture above was caught on surveillance video stealing a "Back the Blue" sign from Norma's Cafe in Dallas. The sign was placed at the cafe to honor Brent Thompson, one of the officers killed in the Dallas police ambush shooting in July. Thompson was a regular at Norma's, and was well known and liked by the staff.

Speculation ran rampant as to why the woman stole the sign. Some thought she wanted the sign for her own yard, but most believed she was offended over the "Back the Blue" slogan. After the photo was shared widely on social media, the woman was identified. She was exactly what most people expected: a liberal hipster who finds the idea of "Backing the Blue" offensive.

Is Target's 'I Am Other' campaign pushing a transgender agenda?

On the heels of its recent transgender bathroom controversy, Target is once again raising eyebrows with a new back-to-school campaign entitled "I Am Other," which some feel is promoting a transgender agenda to children.

The "I Am Other" campaign was created by Grammy-award winning artist Pharrell Williams ("Happy"), in conjunction with school supply manufacturer Yoobi, who is branding their products with Williams' theme. The school supply products, in turn, are being carried in Target stores.

The "I Am Other" campaign seems well intentioned on the surface. Williams insists it is about stressing individually and self confidence. Yoobi is adding a laudable element by donating school supplies to needy schools based on their product sales, true to their company slogan "One for you, one for me." However, some feel the nature of the "I Am Other" campaign is a not-so-subtle nod to Target's push for a transgender-friendly atmosphere in their stores.

The pro-transgender implications of the "I Am Other" campaign were not lost on a parent who went into a Target this week and came across the school supply section. That parent, in turn, provided us with this picture and alerted us to the promotion.

Besides the obvious buzzwords that are sympathetic to a transgender agenda, the "I Am Other" campaign features rainbow lettering and triangle symbolism, leading some to claim it is using gay-friendly imagery.

Despite how the campaign might be interpreted by most, neither Williams, Yoobi, nor Target have made any statements saying it is meant to endorse or support a gay or transgender agenda.

'Photo ID' sign at DNC highlights Democrat hyprocrisy

This photo, taken at the Democratic National Convention, was posted to Facebook by Wayne Christian, former Texas state representative and current candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner.  It shows a sign requiring delegates to show a photo ID to receive credentials and participate in convention activities. The procedure seems to fly in the face of the Democrats' political position that photo IDs should not be required to vote. It is not clear from where the photo originated.

"The hypocrisy of the Democrat Party never ceases to amaze me," Christian said in the Facebook post. "This photo taken at the Democrat Convention shows that the party requires photo identification to participate as a delegate at convention. This is the same party that describes Voter ID as an 'unnecessary restriction on those seeking to exercise freedom.'"

The irony was not lost on conservatives, who took the photo viral on social media. The Democratic party has not commented on the photo.

Hillary and Barack are going to hate these new Garbage Pail Kids cards

It seems no one is safe from the ridicule of the Garbage Pail Kids - not even Democrats! If you grew up in the 1980s, you remember the Garbage Pail Kids, the trading card/stickers with a gross-out sense of humor. They are still around, although now they also poke fun at politicians and celebrities as well. Topps, the creator of Garbage Pail Kids, released a series of sticker cards earlier this year that poked fun at several presidential candidates, and now, to celebrate the Democratic National Convention, they have released three new cards lampooning everyone's favorite liberals. 

Hillary Clinton hates all white privilege, except her own

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This Dallas 'Black Lives Matter' leader forgot he's a white dude

As the Dallas shootings in which five police officers lost their lives unfolded, the press gave a platform to the Dallas Black Lives Matter leaders who organized the protest that led to the gunfire. That included Rev. Jeff Hood, a liberal "pastor" who is his own march of walking contradictions.

Let's start with the most glaring head-scratcher: Hood spends most of his time speaking out against the racism of white Americans, while being as white as Liquid Paper himself. You might think otherwise if you only heard his voice on the radio, as his self-inflicted speech patterns are noticeably urban, but make no mistake, he's as white as a gallon of vanilla ice cream. 

Even though he is an ordained Baptist pastor (he graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), he advocates for assimilation with Islam and its teachings, even going as far as saying Jesus became a Muslim. He once said "I have no question that Jesus is so intimately incarnated with and connected to our Muslim friends that he has become one. If we want to walk with Jesus in this moment of extreme oppression and marginalization, we will too." (Reported by JihadWatch)

He is a vocal gay rights advocate, and even earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Queer Theology from the Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University (That's right - TCU is giving out doctorates in "Queer Theology"). In 2013, he was awarded PFLAG Fort Worth's Equality Award for Activism. Despite his radical gay rights advocacy, he is married to a woman and has five children.

Even though the Dallas shooter did not have direct ties to Black Lives Matter, Hood himself has been responsible for some violent rhetoric, including seemingly advocating violence towards police officers. “The police are always prepared for a gunfight. We shouldn’t be surprised when they actually get one,” he said in a May 2015 post on his website.

For a Baptist preacher, Hood hardly proclaims his faith. He describes himself as "a radical mystic and prophetic voice to a closed society."


That time Hillary Clinton used a confederate flag on a campaign button

With all of the focus on the Black Lives Matter movement these days, it's important to look back on how the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, handled race issues in recent years. One glaring situation runs at odds with Clinton's current BLM support and opposition to the Confederate flag; mainly, her use of the flag on a 2008 campaign button. 

Pandora backs Black Lives Matter; cops call for boycott

Pandora's Facebook post supporting Black Lives Matter
After the shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead, music streaming service Pandora chose a side, and they aren't backing the blue. And members of the Ft. Worth police department aren't happy with it.

Supreme Court decision ignores hundreds of mothers killed by botched abortions

When the Supreme Court struck down provisions of Texas' abortion clinic regulations this week, pro-abortion supporters rejoiced on social media. They somehow considered it a victory that women across the state of Texas will now be obtaining abortions from clinics with little professional oversight and doctors who may not be qualified to treat them if the abortion is botched.

Among the regulations that were struck down was a requirement that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. That measure would have prevented another "Kermit Gosnell" situation, where an unqualified abortionist was operating in unsanitary conditions and harming countless women by botching their abortions.

Abortion advocates claim that the Texas regulations were pointless because women are not at risk of complications during the abortion process. CDC statistics, however, say otherwise. At least 400 women have died from botched abortions in the United States since legalization, with countless more harmed and maimed. Exact numbers may never be known, as documentation of such cases are not required. Life Dynamics has compiled hundreds of documented cases in which women died from abortions; Priests for Life has a partial list of the victims here.     

Planned Parenthood attacks Marco Rubio

Planned Parenthood hates it when their main source of income is threatened, so the nation's largest abortion provider is once again taking aim at one of their favorite targets: Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Obama's PAC launches gun control campaign on social media

There are several reasons why Republicans and conservatives in general are losing the culture war, but none are as glaring as the ability of the liberal left to quickly utilize social media to support a movement. The recent Orlando nightclub shooting is a prime example.

After the Orlando shooting, Republicans had the right talking points; namely, Muslim extremism inspired the killer to commit an act of terrorism against gays, an oppressed and persecuted minority under Islam. However, within 24 hours of the tragedy taking place, Organizing for Action (a PAC formed out of the Obama presidential campaign organization) was already pushing the "gun control" narrative with an elaborate social media campaign.

Good Lord, this Hillary Clinton GIF is terrifying!

We all know Hillary Clinton has a relatability problem. It's more than just her political views or the tone of her excited voice, which is not unlike the deathly wail of the banshee summoning an innocent soul to the afterlife. No, Hillary's main problem is that her normal demeanor is cold and calculating, and most of her attempts at human authenticity seem insincere.

When she shows some genuine emotion, it is often an angry outburst that likely sends her own grandchild running for cover. Hillary supporters have done their best to give her a softer side, but their efforts usually fall short or backfire badly. One only needs to look at the recent "Abuela Clinton" debacle (where the campaign tried to liken Hillary to a loving Latina grandmother) as proof they are trying way too hard. And now, we have another misfire from the Clinton camp.

Hacked TX highway sign: 'Hillary for Prison!'

Just days after Dallas electronic street signs were hacked to warn drivers that Donald Trump was a “shape-shifting lizard,” and urging people to vote for Bernie Sanders, we have another political statement via digital traffic sign. And this time, Republicans will like what it has to say about Hillary Clinton.

KDFW Fox 4 in Dallas reports someone hacked a digital sign along Interstate 30 in the city, with the words “Hillary for Prison” flashing over and over to drivers who took the time to read it. It also displayed the phrase “Free Barrett Brown,” in reference to the independent journalist and former member of Anonymous, who was sent to prison for leaking information about government military contractors.

The new incident occurred less than half a mile from the last sign hacking, but it is unclear if the same person is behind it. It certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the same person could be both “Never Trump” and “Never Hillary.” Whoever is behind the hacking is certainly a better speller than the TV station employee who created the graphic for the news story, who misspelled “prison,” as the screenshot above shows.

It looks like the "vast right-wing conspiracy" Hillary Clinton warned us about is at it again!

Sugar daddies are supporting this surprising candidate for President

We know you're likely wondering about the political leanings of "sugar daddies," that subset of the older male population who throws their disposable income at young, pretty gold-diggers. Thankfully, a new survey has answered that burning question.

'Caucasians' shirt makes a conservative point

ESPN commentator Bomani Jones sparked controversy (depending on who you ask) recently when he wore a t-shirt on the "Mike and Mike" show mocking the Cleveland Indians and their mascot, Chief Wahoo. The shirt featured the word "Caucasians" in the same font and style as the Indians logo, with Chief Wahoo given white skin, blond hair, and a dollar sign instead of a feather. He later said he purposely wore the shirt to elicit a response, and it did.

Jones' shirt makes a point, but perhaps not the one he wanted to make. It seems some were offended with the shirt because they thought they were supposed to be offended, as our current "outrage culture" dictates. However, most reacting to the shirt on social media weren't that upset with it at all.
Jones was hoping to offend white people who don't believe the current Indians team mascot is offensive. Like the "Redskins" controversy in the NFL, liberals think the mere use of the word "Indian" and a cartoon depiction of an Indian warrior is racist and offensive. Jones wanted to show the hypocrisy among white people when they were confronted by a "white stereotype." But that didn't happen.

Instead, the lack of outrage shows that the liberal response to Native American mascots is much ado about nothing. If the "Caucasians" shirt isn't offensive, how is the nearly-identical "Indians" mascot offensive? This is not a case in which a caricature or stereotype is used to deride or belittle an entire race. There have been plenty of instances of that in history, but the use of "Indians" or "Redskins" as sports mascots hardly rises to that level. Yes, "Chief Wahoo's" face is a bit garish, and the use of bright red skin is obviously stereotypical, but not racist. The intent was to be cartoonish, not derisive to Native Americans.

The Indians baseball team is using "Chief Wahoo" less these days, which is a good thing, but not because it is racist, but because it isn't a particularly appealing character. Cleveland fans, however, love "Chief Wahoo," proof that he was never meant to be offensive, but obviously a better depiction could be found. The Redskins' use of a stern face of a warrior as a mascot may offend a select few, but most find the depiction noble.

Ultimately, Jones' "Caucasians" shirt had the opposite effect. Most white people weren't offended at all, and it only reinforced the argument that the use of "Indians" as a mascot isn't offensive either. It showed us all that we shouldn't be offended at every little thing, and use some common sense. And that is a very conservative ideal. Thanks, Bomani Jones.

H/T: TheScore.com

Hillary Clinton took millions from Keystone XL supporters, then turned on them

Political advocacy group Citizen Uprising has posted a list of every speaking engagement that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made since 2013. The list not only includes her outlandish speaking fees, it also includes which companies she spoke to, with some surprising revelations.

Since leaving the State Department, Clinton has earned over $21 million in speaking fees. She averages over $200,000 per speech, which usually lasts only an hour. In all, she and her husband Bill have earned over $150 million in speaking fees since 2001, with some of that money being donated to the Clinton Foundation. While there is nothing wrong with earning money - in this case, a ton of it - Hillary's current political ambitions have put those earnings in the spotlight, and called into question whether it compromised her stance on certain issues.

Bernie Sanders calls George Clooney / Hillary Clinton fundraiser 'obscene'

Bernie Sanders is calling out Hollywood’s liberal elite over their undue influence on American politics. Specifically, he’s calling out Hollywood liberals who aren’t supporting him.

Sanders recently blasted George Clooney, aka the worst Batman in movie history, for charging Clinton supporters big bucks for admission to fundraisers he is holding for the potential Deleter-In-Chief. Yahoo News reports:
“It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big-money people to fund her campaign,” Sanders said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.
Clinton is asking donors for $353,400 for two seats at the head table with herself, Clooney and his wife, Amal, at the April 15 event in San Francisco. The next night, the Clooneys will host a $33,400 per person fundraiser for Clinton at the couple’s Los Angeles home.
“I have a lot of respect for George Clooney. He’s a great actor. I like him,” Sanders said. “But this is the problem with American politics … Big money is dominating our political system. And [my supporters and I] are trying to move as far away from that as we can.”
Now, Sanders may be a socialist, but we have to give him credit on this one. He’s no hypocrite on the issue: attending one of his fundraisers costs, on average, between $15 to $50 to attend.

WI college uses image of Lenin to promote socialism

To be clear: the image you see here, featuring Bernie Sanders and Vladimir Lenin, was not created by us. It was used by a student group at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM), to promote a pro-socialist discussion being held on the school’s campus today (March 31).

Entitled “Why Socialism,” the discussion is hosted by the UWM Students for a Democratic Society (yes, you read that name right) and is described on the group’s Facebook page this way: “Come and learn about socialism, how it makes economic sense, and the case it makes for a better society. Featuring: Professor of Economics Masao Suzuki.”

It is not surprising that Bernie Sanders is being used to promote a socialist agenda, as the self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” provides a friendly face for the movement. The prominent use of Lenin’s face to promote the event, however, is shocking. Most students, however, are likely ignorant of Lenin’s violent crusade to change Russia’s political climate, ultimately taking millions of innocent lives. He’s become the new Che Guevara for idealistic college kids who don’t bother to learn their history. The Students for a Democratic Society even hung a banner in the UWM student center with Lenin’s image, shown in this picture posted to Facebook by Raymond King
Students for a Democratic Society isn’t just a UWM group – it is a national organization with college chapters across the country. Although it seems their use of the word “Democratic” does not mean what you and I think it means.

Donald Trump: I was the victim! Breitbart's Michelle Fields attacked me!

Donald Trump has taken a bizarre stance in the ongoing saga of Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart reporter who was manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski when she tried to ask him a question. Trump’s new spin: Fields was actually attacking him, and Lewandowski was protecting him, like a knight in shining armor. Or something.

U.S. citizen nearly deported for protesting Donald Trump

As if this presidential race couldn't get any weirder, Arizona gives us one of the craziest stories of the 2016 campaign: a U.S. citizen who was almost deported because she protested Donald Trump.

Slacktivists Unite! College students want class time for social justice protests

As if liberal millennials weren’t lazy enough, now they are actually looking for ways to avoid protesting in the streets, hoping for easier, climate-controlled venues.  

According to CampusReform.org, students at the University of Maryland would rather use classroom time to insist “Black Lives Matter” over actually learning something.

Does Donald Trump have fake Latinos tweeting support for him?

Donald Trump has long maintained that Latinos love him. He uses anecdotal polls to support this, but evidence has emerged that he may be employing more devious methods to make it appear as if he's "Vato Donald" to the Latino community.

Forbes.com reports on what Twitter user Niraj Warikoo discovered after the Houston GOP debate:
Right after midnight, a number of Twitter accounts associated with traditionally Latino names sent an identical tweet within minutes of each other. It read: “Trump won around 40% of the latino vote in Nevada, but that accounts for about 1,300 votes. Still more than the two hispanics on the ballot.”
Twitter user Niraj Warikoo— Twitter handle @nwarikoo—surfaced the interesting anomaly on the platform along with screenshots of the tweets:

Trump's campaign denied any involvement with the tweets, but it seems a coordinated effort to boost Trump after a disastrous debate was at play. In addition, after the Twitter accounts were exposed as possible fakes, several were shut down, and still others sent out an identical tweet at the same time on Friday, stating "F*** what other people think."

Warikoo pointed out that the copied tweet is identical to one sent out by a Univision journalist. That would be ironic, if in fact a Trump operative is using a quote from a news organization of which Trump has said he doesn't believe "anything they say."

Marco Rubio's campaign shop offers a hilarious "Donald Trump Watch"

During Thursday night's CNN GOP debate in Houston, Florida Senator Marco Rubio delivered a number of verbal blows on Donald Trump, most notably when he said Trump would be selling watches in Manhattan if he hadn't inherited $200 million.

The slam visibly upset Trump, and the Rubio campaign jumped on the opportunity, posting a "Trump Watch" in their online store, for the low price of $10:

Now, you won't get an actual broken watch, but you will get the satisfaction that you are making a donation to a real conservative.

Talking Kanye West on the Kevin Jackson Radio Show

During his appearance last week (February 16) on Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson's radio show, When Liberals Attack editor Victor Medina discussed the absurdity of Kanye West and his $50 million debt. You can listen to our radio segment below:


"Abuela Hillary Clinton" is back - tweeting in Spanish!

In the days leading up to the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton resorted to her old ways. Not deleting emails or whipping up a Southern accent, mind you, but the former Secretary of State is back to channeling her inner elderly Latina.

Chelsea Clinton: I was an abortion cheerleader at age 6

At the age of six, Chelsea Clinton considered herself such an expert on abortion that she claims to have left her church at the time over the matter. Seriously.

Gitmo prisoners can't have a Bible, but are given Obama's books

Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg is one of the few media members that extensively covers Guantanamo Bay and the prisoners stationed there. She recently tweeted out the photo featured here, taken in the Gitmo library for detainees, which shows off the fact that their selection of books includes President Barack Obama's books. Rosenberg reports six copies of his books are available.

However, the United States government has a say in what books are stocked in the library, and while detainees can read President Obama's books or get a copy of the Koran, there is one book they will not allow on the library shelves: the Bible.

In 2005, one of the Gitmo detainees, Saifullah Paracha, requested a copy of the Bible to read, along with the works of Shakespeare. Paracha's request was denied, even after his lawyer mailed a brand new copy to the Gitmo chaplain requesting that it be given to him. A government lawyer told him the Bible "violated prison policy."

Paracha filed suit against the government to get a copy of the Bible and other books. In response to the lawsuit, the government claimed they could ban any books that would "incite" prisoners. The government finally did allow the Shakespeare plays into the library, but the Bible remains banned.

Urine big trouble, mister! Angry flier pees on fellow passenger

On Monday, a passenger on an Air Mediterranee flight who was not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke showed his displeasure by urinating on another passenger in mid-flight, causing a wild melee that led to two men being arrested.

Trumper Tantrum! Ted Cruz says Donald Trump could nuke Denmark

There's something rotten in the state of Denmark - and Donald Trump's gonna wipe it off the map. Or so says Ted Cruz.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant of epic proportions, accusing Ted Cruz of "stealing" the Iowa caucus with dirty tricks. "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!" Trump tweeted, one of many accusations he leveled at the Iowa caucus winner.