Conservatives turn on PayPal over transgender bathroom support

With PayPal's recent announcement that it was canceling plans to open a new global operations center in North Carolina in protest of the state's new "transgender bathroom" bill, conservatives have responded in earnest.

'Caucasians' shirt makes a conservative point

ESPN commentator Bomani Jones sparked controversy (depending on who you ask) recently when he wore a t-shirt on the "Mike and Mike" show mocking the Cleveland Indians and their mascot, Chief Wahoo. The shirt featured the word "Caucasians" in the same font and style as the Indians logo, with Chief Wahoo given white skin, blond hair, and a dollar sign instead of a feather. He later said he purposely wore the shirt to elicit a response, and it did.

Jones' shirt makes a point, but perhaps not the one he wanted to make. It seems some were offended with the shirt because they thought they were supposed to be offended, as our current "outrage culture" dictates. However, most reacting to the shirt on social media weren't that upset with it at all.
Jones was hoping to offend white people who don't believe the current Indians team mascot is offensive. Like the "Redskins" controversy in the NFL, liberals think the mere use of the word "Indian" and a cartoon depiction of an Indian warrior is racist and offensive. Jones wanted to show the hypocrisy among white people when they were confronted by a "white stereotype." But that didn't happen.

Instead, the lack of outrage shows that the liberal response to Native American mascots is much ado about nothing. If the "Caucasians" shirt isn't offensive, how is the nearly-identical "Indians" mascot offensive? This is not a case in which a caricature or stereotype is used to deride or belittle an entire race. There have been plenty of instances of that in history, but the use of "Indians" or "Redskins" as sports mascots hardly rises to that level. Yes, "Chief Wahoo's" face is a bit garish, and the use of bright red skin is obviously stereotypical, but not racist. The intent was to be cartoonish, not derisive to Native Americans.

The Indians baseball team is using "Chief Wahoo" less these days, which is a good thing, but not because it is racist, but because it isn't a particularly appealing character. Cleveland fans, however, love "Chief Wahoo," proof that he was never meant to be offensive, but obviously a better depiction could be found. The Redskins' use of a stern face of a warrior as a mascot may offend a select few, but most find the depiction noble.

Ultimately, Jones' "Caucasians" shirt had the opposite effect. Most white people weren't offended at all, and it only reinforced the argument that the use of "Indians" as a mascot isn't offensive either. It showed us all that we shouldn't be offended at every little thing, and use some common sense. And that is a very conservative ideal. Thanks, Bomani Jones.


Hillary Clinton took millions from Keystone XL supporters, then turned on them

Political advocacy group Citizen Uprising has posted a list of every speaking engagement that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made since 2013. The list not only includes her outlandish speaking fees, it also includes which companies she spoke to, with some surprising revelations.

Since leaving the State Department, Clinton has earned over $21 million in speaking fees. She averages over $200,000 per speech, which usually lasts only an hour. In all, she and her husband Bill have earned over $150 million in speaking fees since 2001, with some of that money being donated to the Clinton Foundation. While there is nothing wrong with earning money - in this case, a ton of it - Hillary's current political ambitions have put those earnings in the spotlight, and called into question whether it compromised her stance on certain issues.

Bernie Sanders calls George Clooney / Hillary Clinton fundraiser 'obscene'

Bernie Sanders is calling out Hollywood’s liberal elite over their undue influence on American politics. Specifically, he’s calling out Hollywood liberals who aren’t supporting him.

Sanders recently blasted George Clooney, aka the worst Batman in movie history, for charging Clinton supporters big bucks for admission to fundraisers he is holding for the potential Deleter-In-Chief. Yahoo News reports:
“It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big-money people to fund her campaign,” Sanders said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.
Clinton is asking donors for $353,400 for two seats at the head table with herself, Clooney and his wife, Amal, at the April 15 event in San Francisco. The next night, the Clooneys will host a $33,400 per person fundraiser for Clinton at the couple’s Los Angeles home.
“I have a lot of respect for George Clooney. He’s a great actor. I like him,” Sanders said. “But this is the problem with American politics … Big money is dominating our political system. And [my supporters and I] are trying to move as far away from that as we can.”
Now, Sanders may be a socialist, but we have to give him credit on this one. He’s no hypocrite on the issue: attending one of his fundraisers costs, on average, between $15 to $50 to attend.

WI college uses image of Lenin to promote socialism

To be clear: the image you see here, featuring Bernie Sanders and Vladimir Lenin, was not created by us. It was used by a student group at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM), to promote a pro-socialist discussion being held on the school’s campus today (March 31).

Entitled “Why Socialism,” the discussion is hosted by the UWM Students for a Democratic Society (yes, you read that name right) and is described on the group’s Facebook page this way: “Come and learn about socialism, how it makes economic sense, and the case it makes for a better society. Featuring: Professor of Economics Masao Suzuki.”

It is not surprising that Bernie Sanders is being used to promote a socialist agenda, as the self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” provides a friendly face for the movement. The prominent use of Lenin’s face to promote the event, however, is shocking. Most students, however, are likely ignorant of Lenin’s violent crusade to change Russia’s political climate, ultimately taking millions of innocent lives. He’s become the new Che Guevara for idealistic college kids who don’t bother to learn their history. The Students for a Democratic Society even hung a banner in the UWM student center with Lenin’s image, shown in this picture posted to Facebook by Raymond King
Students for a Democratic Society isn’t just a UWM group – it is a national organization with college chapters across the country. Although it seems their use of the word “Democratic” does not mean what you and I think it means.

Donald Trump: I was the victim! Breitbart's Michelle Fields attacked me!

Donald Trump has taken a bizarre stance in the ongoing saga of Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart reporter who was manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski when she tried to ask him a question. Trump’s new spin: Fields was actually attacking him, and Lewandowski was protecting him, like a knight in shining armor. Or something.

U.S. citizen nearly deported for protesting Donald Trump

As if this presidential race couldn't get any weirder, Arizona gives us one of the craziest stories of the 2016 campaign: a U.S. citizen who was almost deported because she protested Donald Trump.

Slacktivists Unite! College students want class time for social justice protests

As if liberal millennials weren’t lazy enough, now they are actually looking for ways to avoid protesting in the streets, hoping for easier, climate-controlled venues.  

According to, students at the University of Maryland would rather use classroom time to insist “Black Lives Matter” over actually learning something.

Does Donald Trump have fake Latinos tweeting support for him?

Donald Trump has long maintained that Latinos love him. He uses anecdotal polls to support this, but evidence has emerged that he may be employing more devious methods to make it appear as if he's "Vato Donald" to the Latino community. reports on what Twitter user Niraj Warikoo discovered after the Houston GOP debate:
Right after midnight, a number of Twitter accounts associated with traditionally Latino names sent an identical tweet within minutes of each other. It read: “Trump won around 40% of the latino vote in Nevada, but that accounts for about 1,300 votes. Still more than the two hispanics on the ballot.”
Twitter user Niraj Warikoo— Twitter handle @nwarikoo—surfaced the interesting anomaly on the platform along with screenshots of the tweets:

Trump's campaign denied any involvement with the tweets, but it seems a coordinated effort to boost Trump after a disastrous debate was at play. In addition, after the Twitter accounts were exposed as possible fakes, several were shut down, and still others sent out an identical tweet at the same time on Friday, stating "F*** what other people think."

Warikoo pointed out that the copied tweet is identical to one sent out by a Univision journalist. That would be ironic, if in fact a Trump operative is using a quote from a news organization of which Trump has said he doesn't believe "anything they say."

Marco Rubio's campaign shop offers a hilarious "Donald Trump Watch"

During Thursday night's CNN GOP debate in Houston, Florida Senator Marco Rubio delivered a number of verbal blows on Donald Trump, most notably when he said Trump would be selling watches in Manhattan if he hadn't inherited $200 million.

The slam visibly upset Trump, and the Rubio campaign jumped on the opportunity, posting a "Trump Watch" in their online store, for the low price of $10:

Now, you won't get an actual broken watch, but you will get the satisfaction that you are making a donation to a real conservative.

Talking Kanye West on the Kevin Jackson Radio Show

During his appearance last week (February 16) on Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson's radio show, When Liberals Attack editor Victor Medina discussed the absurdity of Kanye West and his $50 million debt. You can listen to our radio segment below:


"Abuela Hillary Clinton" is back - tweeting in Spanish!

In the days leading up to the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton resorted to her old ways. Not deleting emails or whipping up a Southern accent, mind you, but the former Secretary of State is back to channeling her inner elderly Latina.

Chelsea Clinton: I was an abortion cheerleader at age 6

At the age of six, Chelsea Clinton considered herself such an expert on abortion that she claims to have left her church at the time over the matter. Seriously.

Gitmo prisoners can't have a Bible, but are given Obama's books

Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg is one of the few media members that extensively covers Guantanamo Bay and the prisoners stationed there. She recently tweeted out the photo featured here, taken in the Gitmo library for detainees, which shows off the fact that their selection of books includes President Barack Obama's books. Rosenberg reports six copies of his books are available.

However, the United States government has a say in what books are stocked in the library, and while detainees can read President Obama's books or get a copy of the Koran, there is one book they will not allow on the library shelves: the Bible.

In 2005, one of the Gitmo detainees, Saifullah Paracha, requested a copy of the Bible to read, along with the works of Shakespeare. Paracha's request was denied, even after his lawyer mailed a brand new copy to the Gitmo chaplain requesting that it be given to him. A government lawyer told him the Bible "violated prison policy."

Paracha filed suit against the government to get a copy of the Bible and other books. In response to the lawsuit, the government claimed they could ban any books that would "incite" prisoners. The government finally did allow the Shakespeare plays into the library, but the Bible remains banned.

Urine big trouble, mister! Angry flier pees on fellow passenger

On Monday, a passenger on an Air Mediterranee flight who was not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke showed his displeasure by urinating on another passenger in mid-flight, causing a wild melee that led to two men being arrested.

Trumper Tantrum! Ted Cruz says Donald Trump could nuke Denmark

There's something rotten in the state of Denmark - and Donald Trump's gonna wipe it off the map. Or so says Ted Cruz.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant of epic proportions, accusing Ted Cruz of "stealing" the Iowa caucus with dirty tricks. "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!" Trump tweeted, one of many accusations he leveled at the Iowa caucus winner.

Editor Victor Medina on the Kevin Jackson radio show

Editor Victor Medina, who also serves as editor at, appears each week on Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson's radio show, discussing the various issues of the day. During his February 2 appearance, Medina talked with Kevin about the return of Boko Haram and yet another cop shooting of someone named Michael Brown. You can listen to the segment below:

Anti-Rubio Facebook group founder promotes white supremacists, supports Trump

The founder of an anti-Marco Rubio Facebook group openly supports the white nationalist/white pride movement, while at the same time voicing support for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Frank Jorge, who refers to Rubio as "the little Cuban boy," is the founder and administrator of "Marco Rubio: Amnesty Traitor," a public Facebook group boasting 228 members. While it appears most members who joined the group are motivated by anti-immigrant political views or because they support another GOP candidate, Jorge appears to have a more radical agenda.

Celebrity whack-job Demi Lovato joins Hillary Clinton campaign

Demi Lovato is backing Hillary Clinton's campaign for President, adding yet another emotionally broken celebrity to the Clinton's endorsement list. Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham lead the parade of feminist Hollywood whack-jobs that want to see a Clinton back in the White House, and it seems most of Hillary's celebrity followers have some emotional issues. More often than the average liberal, anyway.

According to, Lovato will be appearing at a Clinton event at the University of Iowa today to help boost Hillary's poll numbers among young voters, which are sagging more than her jowls these days. Lovato joins a growing list of celebrities who have made appearances on the campaign trail hoping to make Grandma Hill seem more relevant, including Dunham, Katy Perry, and soccer star Abby Wambach.

It seems the Clintons attract broken young women with emotional issues. In addition to the well-publicized issues both Schumer and Dunham have had, Lovato sought treatment after attacking one of her back-up dancers, and entered rehab for a number of physical and emotional problems. She has admitted to abusing alcohol and drugs (including cocaine), as well as suffering from eating disorders, depression, cutting herself, and having a nervous breakdown. She was also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, so her support of Hillary Clinton shouldn't really be surprising.

We found something we can agree with Hillary Clinton on!

Click on the picture above to see the full version! Right click to save it and share it on social media!


College police arm themselves with guns, and a student JUST CAN'T EVEN

A student at Northeastern University in Boston is horrified that her campus police department is arming themselves with semi-automatic rifles for extreme crisis situations. She is so horrified, in fact, that she had to vent in that august publication for the most discerning intellectuals, Teen Vogue. That’s right, grown-ups. TEEN VOGUE.

Here's the latest option for gender identity, and it makes no sense

Just when you thought we had run out of gender identity options, lo and behold, our feckless culture has come up with another attempt to achieve true left-wing political correctness. is one of the more popular audio-based websites on the internet, offering millions of songs, podcasts, radio shows, and sound bites. If you register an account on the site, however, you get an unusual request. In addition to your name and year of birth, Soundcloud asks for your gender identity. Not your sex: your gender identity. Even more odd, however, are the gender identity options presented to you: in addition to male and female (and the "prefer not to answer" option), you are given the option to identify your gender as "custom." Here's a screenshot:

I don't know about you, but when I think of customizing something, I don't think of my gender; I think of cars. I think of rims on wheels and some speakers in the trunk. Exactly how one's gender can be customized is beyond me. Maybe some questions shouldn't be answered. 

Jaden Smith models a skirt, puts female model out of work

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the liberal left lately on the issue of women's equality, especially in the workplace. And yet, there was little uproar when Jaden Smith, the spoiled male offspring of Will and Jada Smith, was announced as a model for Louis Vuitton womenswear, meaning one less female model found work this season.

As you can see in the picture above, Smith is sporting a dress and looking just as waifish as his female counterparts. We're not exactly sure why the models are posed like that, but we can only assume that their equilibrium is off because they haven't eaten much.

Jaden has been known to sport skirts before, including wearing one to his own prom. It has sparked questions about his sexuality, and Smith himself has made references suggesting his sexual preferences were a bit fluid. Regardless, Smith has said his fashion choices are more about his current mood, which explains why he wore a Batman costume to the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. “I’m just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because everyday it changes how I feel about the world and myself," he told GQ. "But I like wearing super drapey things so I can feel as though I’m a super hero, but don’t have to necessarily wear super hero costumes everyday.”

Only in Hollywierd can liberals complain about the unequal treatment of women while naming the former Bruce Jenner "Woman of the Year" and putting a female model in the unemployment line so a male model can wear her skirt.

Conservatives erupt after Trump, McCain, and Coulter go birther on Ted Cruz

The battle for the soul of Republican conservatism elevated in recent days as Ted Cruz came under attack from members of his own party over the issue of his Canadian birth, saying it disqualifies him to serve as President. As a result, a number of conservative leaders and commentators have sparked a backlash towards the "conservative" attackers, citing their instigation of political strife for their personal and political gain.

The problems started when Donald Trump openly questioned whether Cruz was a "natural born citizen," because of his Canadian birth. While both Constitutional and legal scholars are nearly unanimous in their opinion that Cruz is a natural born citizen because his mother was a U.S. citizen, a small but vocal minority insists otherwise.

Forget Benghazi: Hillary Clinton promises answers on UFOs and aliens

On issues like Benghazi, former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a "what difference does it make" stand. On UFOs and the existence of aliens, however, Hillary promises to "get to the bottom" of the issue.

Lena Dunham's hypocrisy with Bill Cosby ignores Clinton sex abuse victims

Actress and media darling Lena Dunham has waded into the cesspool surrounding Bill Cosby, criticizing him on Twitter for his recent arrest for sexual assault. While Cosby certainly deserves to be vilified for what he's admitted to already, Dunham's hypocrisy on the issue is difficult to overlook, especially given her own background and her support of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Remember when Obama promised not to vacation as President?

As America's taxpayers shell out tens of millions to pay for the vacations of President Obama and his family, it perhaps is a good time to remind everyone of something then-Senator Obama said about presidential vacations.

In the video posted below, filmed during his first run for the White House, Obama made his case for being elected by saying he would give the job his full attention, even if that meant forgoing vacations. Not only has he broken the vacation promise, he plays golf more often than any other President in recent history.

Watch the video and try to keep your disgust in check:

Hell-no Kitty! School bans 'Hello Kitty' Christmas tree

Liberals have insisted that the "War on Christmas" is a false narrative concocted by conservatives, but a teacher in Maine would argue otherwise. The tide of political correctness against Christmas is now claiming innocent cartoon animals as victims.

Criminals target a gun free zone...AGAIN!

Once again, criminals flock to a gun-free zone and wreak havoc on unarmed victims. You've likely heard this story before, but only the location has changed. in Seattle reported that after the Washington State Fair declared itself a "gun free zone," criminals wasted no time preying on fair workers. The fair had only been open three days when a gang of thugs went on a crime spree, using guns on victims they knew would be unarmed. 

University retreat lectures students about their 'white privilege'

The University of Vermont is ensuring that tomorrow's generation of leaders are burdened with as much white guilt as possible. Well, at least the future leaders who "self-identify" as white.

Peter Hasson of reports that UV recently offered a three-day retreat for students who "self-identify as white" to "confront their white privilege." Yes, those are actual phrases used by the university, so I'll give you a moment to take in all the stupid those phrases present.

Now that you're done facepalming, here's what Hasson reported about the retreat:
According to the university, the self-identifying white students who attend the retreat will come to “recognize and understand white privilege from an individual experience” and have the opportunity to “conceptualize and articulate whiteness from a personal and systematic lense as well as the impact of white privilege on the UVM community and beyond.”
The self-identifying white students also tackled tough questions such as “What does it mean to be white?” and “How does whiteness impact you?”
The university website features testimonials from past attendees of the retreat, who praised the way the event was a “safe space.”
According to the school’s website, the University of Vermont offered the retreat at no cost to its privileged white students, covering all expenses including meals.
I don't know about you, but shouldn't the university have charged them for the cost of the retreat, including all their meals? Doesn't a free retreat and free food reinforce the "white privilege" concept?

At the very least, their meals should have included some soul food and Tex-Mex, so they can see how the "other side" lives. Or perhaps, if they are truly trying to make the students feel the pain of being white, the university should have fed them nothing but Wonder Bread and rice cakes during the retreat.

Editor Victor Medina on Kevin Jackson's radio show discussing Al Gore's failed climate change concert

When Liberals Attack editor Victor Medina also serves as editor for Political Illusions Exposed, a political website aimed at millennials. He recently joined Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson on his radio show to discuss Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality" climate change benefit concert in Paris, which was canceled after a wave of terrorist attacks swept the city on February 13 (you can read our coverage of the Al Gore concert here). Click the video above to hear the segment from the radio show! You can visit to learn more about Kevin Jackson and his show.

Ronda Rousey endorses socialist Bernie Sanders, then redistributes her championship title

We used to have a lot of respect for UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, but when she endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders for President this past week, all of that went out of the window. Unfortunately, the "Bern" mystique didn't help Rousey much, as she was summarily beat down and knocked out for her first loss just days after the endorsement was announced.

It appears Rousey was following Sanders' socialist lead and immediately redistributed her championship belt to to challenger Holly Holm Saturday night. Unlike most socialists, who don't want to live by their own miserable socialist standards, it seems Rousey realized her 12 wins and championship title were plenty, and decided to "spread the wealth." And she got really bloodied doing it.

If you think Rousey's endorsement of Sanders made her sound a bit punch-drunk, read her entire quote, where she reveals her choice for President in 2012. It will make you wonder if she has any brains left in her head: 
I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, because he doesn’t take any corporate money. I don’t think politicians should be allowed to take money for their campaigns from outside interests.

If he doesn’t win against Hillary, then I’ll probably vote for a third party again. To be honest, in 2012 I was against both candidates and so I just picked any third party because I thought if more people voted for third parties then they’d have to take third parties seriously.

I voted for Roseanne (Barr) last time. Mostly I went in to vote for all the state and local things. I was so unimpressed with the whole presidential campaign that I picked whatever third party I saw, and I saw Roseanne and thought, ‘That’s awesome.’ But I’m really pulling for Sanders this time. I hope it works out.

It seems odd that a person who believes in the benefits of personal accomplishment and competition would support a socialist. Perhaps liberal Hollywood has twisted her worldview and deprived her of her common sense. Hopefully that kick to the head by Holly Holm knocked some sense back into her.

The reality of terror forces Al Gore to cancel climate change 'reality' concert in Paris

Former Vice President Al Gore was forced to cancel a "climate change" benefit concert in Paris called "24 Hours of Reality" after a series of terrorist attacks in the city brought the true realities of the world to the forefront.

For years, Gore and environmentalists including President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have warned that climate change is the greatest global threat to humanity. In a sad twist of irony, the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night proved just how naive that mindset is.

Friday evening, just before the terrorist attacks in Paris occurred, Al Gore kicked off "Live Earth: 24 Hours of Reality," a telethon/benefit concert at the Eiffel Tower to bring attention to climate change. The event was to last 24 hours, live-stream online, and include performances by Elton John and Bon Jovi. The event only lasted about five hours, however, before Gore and the event's organizers pulled the plug.

“Out of solidarity with the French people and the City of Paris, we have decided to suspend our broadcast of 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth. Our thoughts are with all who have been affected and the entire nation of France,” Gore said in a press statement. “We send our condolences to the families of those who have been killed or injured.”

While fighting man-made pollution is a noble cause, the climate change movement (an entirely different endeavor) has become its own cottage industry among the liberal left, that achieves few results while consolidating power in government. The argument that climate change poses the greatest threat to man came burning down in Paris, as environmentalists ran head on into the true realities of our violent world. 

H/T: The Wrap

This 'Blazing Saddles' star loves that he's a conservative meme

Actor Burton Gilliam's career has spanned over 40 years and some classic roles in films including Blazing Saddles, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Back to the Future III. Don't even get us started on his TV career - he has appeared in just about every great show of the 1980s, from The "Dukes of Hazzard" to "The A-Team" to "Knight Rider." The man has done it all, and now, he's even a meme.

Gilliam recently posted the political meme featured above to his Facebook page after a fan made him aware of it, which features his character from Blazing Saddles. The meme notes the irony of the Affordable Care Act (known as "Obamacare") addressing the issue of people unable to afford health insurance by fining them for it. The look on Gilliam's face perfectly captures the irony of the statement.

Even though he is active on Facebook, Burton rarely steps into politics, but he couldn't help chiming in on the meme when he shared it. "Wish I was smart enough to have said that!" he exclaimed, as dozens of fans then began relaying their negative experiences with Obamacare and examples of rising premiums.

To continue the Blazing Saddles/Obamacare meme theme, here's another, without Gilliam:

Too late to delete! Hillary Clinton's tweet is accidentally obscene (NSFW)

Note: Some may find the following material inappropriate for work or offensive.

Hillary Clinton must have the worst political luck ever. She can’t even retweet without raising eyebrows.

Artist Ian Padgham noticed something in one of Hillary Clinton’s recent retweets, and tweeted a screenshot of it. This is not Photoshop – this is how Twitter abbreviated the title of an NBC News puff piece about the Clinton campaign. The cutoff did depend on the size of the screen on the device you are using, but for many, it was a naughty but funny slip-up, made even better by Hillary’s “Guilty as charged” proclamation. Check it out:

Something tells us Bill doesn't find any of this funny.

Hollywood ignores Fred Thompson's death

If a conservative dies in Hollywood, do the liberal elites in the entertainment industry care? Apparently not.

After Fred Thompson passed away from lymphoma this past week, the former Tennessee senator was lauded on both sides of the political aisle as a man of principle and a true statesman. A senator from 1994 until 2003, Thompson also ran for President in 2007.

Thompson, however, also had a long, distinguished career as a character actor, most notably appearing in over 100 episodes of "Law & Order," as well as films including The Hunt for Red October, Die Hard 2, and Secretariat. Hollywood, however, took little notice of his passing, including the creator of "Law & Order," at least initially.

Happy Columbus Day!

Katy Perry, Seineld join fundraiser to teach poor kids transcendental meditation

What do Hollywood liberals do to help at-risk kids in New York City? They do what most Americans do – they hold a star-studded benefit concert at Carnegie Hall to raise money to teach kids transcendental meditation (TM).

This is what passes for compassionate activism these days, people. New age millionaire celebrities feeding their own egos by giving the poor and less fortunate completely useless skills. And tickets to the event supporting this are still available.

The concert event is called “Change Begins Within,” and will be held November 4th at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Proceeds from the event will benefit The David Lynch Foundation. Yes, that is David Lynch the Hollywood director, the man behind unconventional movies like Dune, The Elephant Man, and Eraserhead, as well as the strangest television show ever produced, “Twin Peaks.”

Lemony Snicket funds series of unfortunate baby murders with $1 million Planned Parenthood gift

Daniel Handler, who writes children's books under the pen name Lemony Snicket (and in turn inspired a hit Jim Carrey film), announced on Twitter Monday that he was giving one million dollars to Planned Parenthood.

" & I are giving 1 million dollars to . We’ve been very fortunate, and good fortune should be shared with noble causes," he said in the tweet.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America quickly tweeted out thanks to Handler and his wife Lisa Brown for the gift:

Shameless! Democrats, media imply Marco Rubio is a Nazi sympathizer

How can you tell Marco Rubio is on the political rise? Democrats and the media are both desperately trying to discredit him. The latest attack, however, is so incredibly over-the-top, it is amazing that anyone is taking it seriously.

According to a report by The Dallas Morning News, Rubio was in Dallas Tuesday for a fundraiser at the home of Harlan Crow, a real estate developer and one of the city’s wealthiest citizens. He is also a Republican, and often supports conservative candidates. However, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz blasted Rubio for holding a fundraiser in Crow’s home, and made this outrageous statement:
Senator Marco Rubio will hold a fundraiser in a home that features two paintings by Adolf Hitler, a signed copy of Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf, and a cabinet full of place settings and linens used by the Nazi leader. An event at a home with items like these is appalling at any time of the year. Adding insult to injury, Rubio is holding this event on the eve of the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. Holding an event in a house featuring the artwork and signed autobiography of a man who dedicated his life to extinguishing the Jewish people is the height of insensitivity and indifference. There’s really no excuse for such a gross act of disrespect.
Sounds terrible, right? Marco Rubio holding a fundraiser in the home of a Nazi sympathizer would be a terrible thing. Of course, as Wasserman Schultz is prone to do, she misrepresented the truth to attack Rubio, and The Dallas Morning News did nothing in its reporting to contradict it. What the Morning News failed to mention was the reason why those items are in the Crow home. Rather than being part of a Hitler shrine, as Schultz implies, the items are housed in a museum-like library of historical artifacts Crow keeps on his property. It is one of the largest and most respected private collections of historical artifacts in the country. We know this because The Morning News itself reported on it earlier this year. Here is an excerpt from their coverage from April 2015:
Over the past 40 years, Crow has collected thousands of documents, manuscripts and works of art that span centuries. “Many people have their own hobbies and have vocations,” he said. “American history is mine.”
Among his favorites, Crow counts an Abraham Lincoln syllogism about the evils of slavery, a copy of Poor Richard’s Almanac and a letter written in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, after his first trip to the New World. The collection has paintings by Renoir and Monet and by Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
A sculpture garden includes likenesses of Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, the late British prime minister.
It also has busts of dictators, including Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito. Crow has said the collection is not intended as a celebration of repressive regimes but to preserve a part of world history.
Crow said invited guests visit the library about once a week. They range from single visitors to groups of 50 or 60 people. The library drew one of its largest crowds last year, when several hundred people attended a Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society tour.
We can expect Schultz to omit the fact that the Hitler artifacts were part of a historical collection, but to have The Dallas Morning News print her allegation and let it go unchallenged is shameful. Then again, since it comes at the expense of a Republican, are we really surprised?

Suddenly, when it allows them to attack Marco Rubio, Democrats are now staunch defenders of the Jewish people. If Schultz and her liberal friends care about the Jewish people so much, why aren't they supporting Israel as well?  

Conservatives furious over Ann Coulter's anti-Semitic, anti-Israel tweets

With a handful of tweets Wednesday night, Ann Coulter may have single-handedly kicked herself out of the conservative movement. The author and commentator raised the ire of many, and is being accused of anti-Semitism, after criticizing several Republican candidates during the Presidential debate for their support of Israel.

Coulter took to Twitter Wednesday night (September 16) as the top 11 candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination participated in the CNN Presidential Debate at the Ronald Reagan Library.

Live-tweeting as the debate unfolded, Coulter managed to unload criticism on every candidate throughout the night, except for Donald Trump, whom she has supported in recent weeks.

Coulter initially seemed annoyed when several candidates mentioned their support of Israel should they become President, tweeting this:

Coulter then made her feelings on Israel (and Jews) clear with her next tweet:

Coulter’s ranting tweets caught many by surprise, with some wondering if she had been hacked. However, Coulter doubled down in later tweets, complaining that the candidates were pandering to Israel, Jews, and Evangelicals. When someone called her tweet about Jews offensive, she joked that she had much more offensive ones. She defended her comments to a number of Twitter users who called the tweet offensive.

Her tweet also unleashed several anti-Semitic responses in support of her anti-Israel stance, including one tweet that included a drawing of someone wearing a Star of David defecating into Uncle Sam’s mouth, which is too graphic to include here.

Coulter also complained that the Republicans were pandering to the pro-life crowd, accused the candidates (except Trump) of wanting to bring terrorists to America as refugees, made fun of Chris Christie’s weight and Rand Paul’s hair, and called Carly Fiorina “annoying.” Only Trump escaped her vitriol.