The Audacity of Egobama

When he doesn't have a teleprompter on, the real Barack Obama tends to show, and it isn't the inspiring leader folks thought they were electing. Consider how he acted in his meeting with congressional leaders over health care reform.  What was supposed to be a bipartisan discussion of the issues disintegrated into an ego fest with Obama acting like a professor lecturing freshmen.

Everyone - Republicans included - played to the cameras, but only Obama was petty enough to pull rank just to win the argument. He talked down to anyone who opposed him and wagged a haughty finger. At one point, he cut off a Republican in mid-sentence, insisting that things were running long. When it was pointed out to him that Democrats had used twice the amount of time to speak as Republicans, Obama said "There was an imbalance, but that was because, well, I'm the President." Thataway to lead, Egobama! 

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