Don't be sucked into Matt Damon's "Green Zone"

Matt Damon's new movie Green Zone may look like a nice action flick; after all, it is directed by Paul Greengrass, who brought us Damon's Bourne movies and the excellent United 93. However, those of you who remember Damon's politics (including his rant against Sarah Palin) probably won't be surprised that Green Zone is yet another liberal slam against the Iraq War and the policies of the Bush Administration. The U.S. government, not the terrorists, are the bad guys here, as the story focuses on the search for Saddam's WMDs, a subject liberals won't let go. It's like catnip for progressives.

WMDs were never enough justification for war. The atrocities of Saddam's regime, the thousands of bodies buried in mass graves along the Tigris, the whole villages gassed under his orders, and the genocide of the Kurds is reason enough.

Damon is using his platform of film to rewrite history and dictate how America views the war. It's a tactic he learned from his good friend and former neighbor, the late Howard Zinn, whose book "A People's History of the United States" was slammed by historians over its inaccuracies and attempts to rewrite the facts with a liberal slant.  Finding the real truth in films like Green Zone may be even harder to find than WMDs themselves.

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