It was an ugly weekend

You won't hear this in the mainstream media, but eight anti-war protesters were arrested Saturday outside the White House, including Cindy Sheehan (that is her pictured here, not Jimmy Durante). She was screaming into a bullhorn that President Obama was a war criminal.

What you will see and hear is a number of those who protested the health care bill, portrayed as seething savages. At some point, MSNBC will say there were no minorities present in their number, even though there were. If the anti-war crowd and the immigration reform supporters (who marched in D.C. this weekend as well) do get any press, it will be the usual, sympathetic coverage. The media's venom will probably be focused on Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer, who shouted "It's a baby killer" on the House floor during the health care debate Sunday night. Just wait for it.

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