The only thing liberals fear is losing power

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media over the so-called "violence" over the passage of ObamaCare. A CNN anchor wondered "is this the end of civil debate in politics?" Story after story piled on the rumors and hearsay as if it were real and assumed at every point that rank and file Tea Partiers and conservatives were responsible.

Finally, CNN scraped the bottom of the intellectual barrel. They cut to a clip from The Joy Behar Show - JOY BEHAR - who openly blamed conservative talk radio and the right for the violence. When MSNBC attacks the right, at least their anchors and commentators have the guts to say it themselves. CNN hides behind people like Behar to take shots at the right and define the argument. Rick Sanchez and other anchors love to use "viewer feedback" to set the tone and make it appear as if conservatives are extremists. Ever see comments or emails from folks on the right? They rarely make it on air.

Democrats, and liberals in particular, aren't afraid of broken windows, name calling, and "hostile hate speech" as they would have you believe. Rather, they are tools to fight something they really fear: losing power. The right is rising, and we are witnessing a triumph of common sense over progressive thought. The working middle class is reclaiming power from the political elitists in Washington, and the idea has them running scared. Their only defense is to convince mainstream America that such movements are radical, and exaggerating some incidents and blaming the right is part of the plan.

No doubt there are those who will use such situations to express their anger, but it is nonsensical to portray such behavior as indicative of a large group of people. When anarchists riot at political summits, a liberal protester bites off the finger of a Tea Partier, and SEIU thugs beat up an African American Tea Partier, their actions are never condemned or fretted over by the media. The double standard is obvious, and should be worn as a badge of honor by those of us on the right. The tide has turned. The left is desperate. We are winning.

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