Xbox helps MSNBC attack Sarah Palin

Liberals have infiltrated the world of video games. It appears no place is safe from their aggressive yet annoying agenda.

Xbox 360 users can access the Xbox Live Network via the internet, which allows users to play games online with others around the world and view all sort of media content, from movies to TV shows to news reports. Since Xbox is owned by Microsoft, MSNBC provides news of interest on the network, most of it pretty straightforward and nonpolitical.

On Monday April 12, 2010, Xbox Live posted a headline showing comedian Tina Fey as Sarah Palin supposedly offering a clip of her recent skit portraying Palin on Saturday Night Live. Such a headline is not unusual; clips of news, viral videos and SNL skits, provided by MSNBC, are common on the Xbox Live Network.

When viewers clicked on the headline, however, what was shown was a clip from an MSNBC news program which showed the SNL skit, but then included the MSNBC host speaking with Ana Marie Cox, an editor from GQ Magazine who basically trashed Palin for two minutes while calling Fey a comedic "genius." She also stated that Fey's skits were one of the main factors why "more than 50% of Americans don't want Palin to be President." She then goes on to say "it's not hard to make fun of Sarah Palin. She says so many things that are untrue or Tina said, willfully ignorant and woefully unprepared." She then stated that she wondered if such impressions were even necessary "to make Sarah Palin look like a joke."

Of course, Cox showed no concern when she readily admitted that some Americans form their opinions of Palin from Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live rather than from Palin herself. Such "willful ignorance" would be condemned if it came from the Tea Party, but since they were talking about their "enlightened" core viewers, it was celebrated. No opposing views were offered by MSNBC.

Viewers who wanted to see the SNL clip probably didn't expect to see a political discussion, especially one so one-sided. Given the network's liberal bent, using an SNL skit to slip in an attack on Palin upon unsuspecting gamers is a sad low for journalism, but par for the course for MSNBC. 

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