Liberal pretends to be a Tea Partier, and MSNBC falls for it

MSNBC was all giddy this week playing a little game of "gotcha" with Glenn Beck and the Tea Party over the "Restore America" rally. Seems they "uncovered" a Tea Party blogger who posted a guide to DC for rally attendees that helped them avoid the parts of town where African Americans live. Of course, it fit their spin of making everyone look like racists, so they failed to do a little digging.

The Daily Beast then discovered the blogger responsible is a big time Democratic contributor and now it appears, an obvious plant to discredit the Tea Party. Of course, the accusations and impressions have been made, so MSNBC won't worry about retractions. That's too bad, because I was looking forward to Maddow's snarky "we got duped" speech.

To read about MSNBC's entire witch hunt, visit the NewsBusters story right here

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