Is the Oxygen Channel killing feminism?

Lost in the recent headlines was an announcement from the Oxygen Channel that they are giving bony pothead socialite Paris Hilton a new reality show. Oxygen, who once tried to promote themselves as a television channel for empowering women, has used their platform to give women like Hilton, who has never worked a full day in her life, the spotlight as if she's a role model. Their other shows, including Bad Girl's Club, America's Next Top Model, and House of Glam do nothing more than reinforce negative female stereotypes. Don't think so? Consider the success of Snapped, a show that focuses on female killers. Seriously. This channel couldn't be more anti-woman if it clubbed them on the head and dragged them around by their hair.

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  1. I don't have a Wikipedia entry but I'll tell you now that my two eldest sons are 19 and 17, not much younger than Shailene herself and they are, each in his own inimitable way, naive, pompous, self-righteous and judgmental from time to time.feminism