Republicans who support the DREAM Act

So many seem to paint the illegal immigration issue with too broad a brush. Some think that any effort to being illegals into the fold, and give them a chance to become citizens, is amnesty. There is a way that illegals can become citizens and make amends for breaking the law.

The DREAM Act is a way for illegals who came to America as children to become legal if they meet certain requirements, including staying out of trouble, finishing high school, and going into the military or college. It gives those who had no say in whether they broke the law the chance to become productive American citizens. To read about a group of Dallas hispanic Republicans who support it, click right here.

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  1. First, let's take the "N" word out of the discussion. To undocumented youth, "Illegals" is the same as the "N" word.

    Comprehensive immigration reform including the Dream Act provides a long term path to citizenship after passing a back ground check, payment of a healthy fine which when tolled will add 3 billion to the treasury, and after military service or a completed college education. It is not amnesty, it takes a long time and a lot of work.

    Meanwhile, as a comprehensive bill, it mostly addresses border security.