Why bother with Jon Stewart?

I finally watched Texas Gov.Rick Perry's appearance on the Daily Show (I DVR'd it) and it made me wonder why he and other conservatives even bother going on his show.

Perry was there to promote his book, but instead of having a regular, if not thought-provoking conversation, Stewart took every opportunity to take swipes at Perry, at conservatives, and even the state of Texas. Perry seemed unable to match wits with Stewart; it was an awkward interview, to say the least. There was tired rhetoric from Perry and snide remarks from Stewart.

I don't blame Stewart for his actions, it's what he does. He is capable of having a real conversation, but he wouldn't do that with a conservative. I blame Perry, who should have known better, for failing to go in ready to either say something of meaning or defuse Stewart's arguments. He did neither. I wonder why Perry even bothered going on The Daily Show. Was this appearance really going to sell books, or change his image? We all know it is to keep his face on the national stage. If he wants to run for President (and I hope he doesn't), he needs to be able to do better in interviews than this.

Don't get me wrong, I like Perry. I voted for him, and I think he is doing a good, but not perfect, job. It's obvious, however, that he isn't ready to deal with a liberal attack of words and wit.

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