Gay superhero to be revealed, and it isn't Thor

In case you didn't hear, DC Comics has announced that they are going to "out" one of their superheroes as gay in the near future. Thank goodness, because frankly, comics aren't gay enough. 

DC Comics is acting like the kid in school who was always begging for attention. Of course, the media will do their part to "celebrate" gay rights by playing this up. My bet is the gay superhero will be some lesser known character who needs to sell comics. That's their real motivation. It isn't about making a statement about gay rights; it's all about money. 

DC Comics will likely get a lot of new interest from people who never read comics, as well as score brownie points with the liberal left. Gay rights advocates will applaud it, but they fail to realize that they are merely being used.

DC is only being gay friendly because it will benefit the bottom line. If they thought it would benefit them, they would throw the gay community under the bus. It is sad that gay rights advocates can't see this, or perhaps they do, and they look the other way because it benefits their cause. It would not be the first time a liberal looked the other way because it meant a short term gain. 

If they wanted to do something edgy and brave, have a superhero come out as a Republican or a Christian. People would have kittens, which is great, because the world needs more kittens.

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