Liberals, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and ObamaPhones

As most of us have seen, the Boston Bombing not only reminded us of the evil of Islamic terrorists, but also of the hatred and incompetence of the liberal left.

In a series of reports for, we detailed how CNN and Esquire Magazine jumped to blame the "right wing" for the bombing, how The New York Times tried to blame the GOP, and we raised the possibility that the bombers might have used ObamaPhones to carry out the attack. It will make you think America learned nothing from 9/11.

In addition, most folks aren't aware that one of the Boston bombers spent his time after the attack tweeting lyrics from Eminem and Jay-Z. The media didn't report that much, but if the Tsarnaevs had tweeted anything from Ted Nugent, we wouldn't have heard the end of it. You can read all about it here.

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