Chipper Jones wants to feed poor immigrants to alligators

You know what I can't stand? Spoiled rich celebrities, and yes, spoiled athlete millionaires are included in that bunch. That's why I lost a lot of respect for former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones, who thinks it would be great fun to feed undocumented immigrants to alligators placed on the border.

I guess when we quote the poem at the Statue of Liberty saying "give me your tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free," we need to start adding "except for the poor, huddled masses of Mexicans yearning to escape the drug violence and poverty of their lousy country." What an ignorant tool this guy is. He probably doesn't even know that our goverment's immigration system is so screwed up that every year, thousands of immigrants trying to follow the rules are denied green cards for no reason at all. Over one million qualified applicants are still waiting. Some people have waited over 25 years. No wonder they cross the border in desperation. But that doesn't mean a thing to a spoiled millionaire.

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