Actress Molly Ringwald wants Wendy Davis as Governor of...Houston?

She used to be America's Sweetheart, but now she's proof the brain suffers severe trauma after too many years in Hollywood.

Actress Molly Ringwald decided the Texas Governor's race was missing something: her endorsement of Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis. She took the time to tweet on Thursday (Halloween, no less) "Support this woman. The next governor of Houston, Texas. #wendydavis #weneedwomenlikethese."

Her tweet instantly gained ridicule, with many asking exactly when Houston became a state. Others asked if she knows the difference between a mayor and a governor. She also appears to think Houston is the state capitol - wrong again, Molls - it's Austin. Personally, if politics gets her this confused, I wonder if she really knows that abortion ends a human life. I kinda doubt Wendy will fill her in.

Ringwald eventually deleted the tweet, blaming the mistake on jetlag. Yeah, flying makes us really stupid too. To read more about her tweet and the reaction to it, click here to read the full story at

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  1. Molly Who?

    When Abortion Barbie; AKA Wendy Davis, filibuster a bill, Democrats call it a victory. When a Republican filibuster a bill, Democrats call it jihad or a terrorist act. I am just shocked that this time the Democrats did not call the Republicans racist. Abortion Barbie should put more effort into easing adoptions and less effort into killing babies