Finally, someone who likes Obamacare.....hookers!

It is obvious that President Obama didn't have your average, hard-working American in mind when he crafted Obamacare. With so many having their policies cancelled and their rates raised, the middle class seems to getting the short end of the stick.

So who is actually benefiting from the Affordable Care Act? Workers in the sex industry, it appears. A recent event organized by Obamacare supporters in San Francisco (of course) featured burlesque dancers performing risque skits in which they ended up topless to entertain strippers, hookers, and other assorted sex industry workers and convince them to sign up for Obamacare. It was dubbed a "Healthy Ho's Party." Seriously.

Apparently, when you're a hooker and only deal in cash, insurance is a problem. Thankfully, Obamacare will subsidize their health care - with our tax dollars. Thanks, Mr. President!

To read about the "Healthy Ho's" and how they will do just fine under Obamacare, click right here.

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