Now who's paranoid? Government caught collecting citizen's DNA

I usually don't buy into all the black helicopter/New World Order/Illuminati conspiracies floating around out there, but a recent story out of Ft. Worth may have us all thinking twice. According to NBC affiliate KXAS-TV, drivers on a busy Ft. Worth street were recently stopped at a police roadblock and asked for samples of their breath, saliva, and even blood. Off-duty members of the Ft. Worth police department helped staff of the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA) with the roadblock, and even though giving up a DNA sample was "voluntary," being stopped was not, and drivers who were pulled over felt pressured to participate. The government offered compensation for collecting the samples. The NHTA claims it was an anonymous collection of samples for a survey of American drivers, but after complaints, Ft. Worth police apologized, saying the participation of their officers was not coordinated with headquarters. Attorneys say the roadblock and collection may have been a civil rights violation, and investigations continue. To find out more, read the story by KXAS right here.

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