Obama's conference call works just as well as his Obamacare website

I decided to join in on the President's conference call on Monday night (11/18/2013), where the leader of the free world attempted to restore his shattered reputation by preaching to the faithful. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to hear his speech, as his website, BarackObama.com, couldn't properly load the audio feed from his call. That's right: another Obama website didn't work. Oh, irony. Incredibly, his people chalk it up to SO MANY PEOPLE trying to log in. Yeah, we've heard that one before.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one having issues with the website. According to Twitchy.com, lots of folks couldn't log in to the call, including many reporters. Oops.

If you didn't get to hear the Chosen One explain how everything's gonna be cool with Obamacare (eventually) either, you apparently didn't miss much. Twitchy reported that one of the President's ideas to boost Obamacare was to talk it up at Christmas parties. I'm not kidding. Obamacare supporters have sunk to the level of THAT GUY at every party who tries to sell you something. We may just win this war without having to fire a shot, since the opposition keeps shooting themselves in the foot.

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