Check out MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry's "apology" tweets to Mitt Romney

Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC isn't exactly a beacon of journalistic impartiality (the fact that she's an MSNBC host should make that obvious), but even she reached Martin Bashir-like depths when she posted a picture of Mitt Romney's family during her December 29 show and proceeded (with her panelists) to ridicule his black adopted grandchild, who was sitting on the governor's lap. Even the UK's The Guardian was taken aback at the pompous insensitivity, which included singing "One of these things is not like the others" and remarks about black Republicans.

The outrage was immediate, but Harris-Perry's eventual apology was not. It took two days, but she did finally issue an apology - by Twitter. In true liberal fashion, however, she made sure not to let a professional crisis go to waste, as she attached a promotional hashtag - #MHPApology - to each of the five tweets that made up the apology. I suppose she thought the world was waiting with bated breath to hear her response, and she expected it to trend on Twitter (spoiler - it didn't). She also admits that she too, like the Romney baby, was a black child born into a white Mormon family, which makes her treatment of the Romneys that much more hypocritical and unbelievable. She also uses the term "transracial" instead of biracial, which sounds like an odd spin on transgendered. Check out the tweets after the break.

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