Creepy TSA video shows us all as submissive dogs

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would prefer that you obey them like a good puppy the next time you are stopped by them at an airport check-in.

That apparently is the takeaway from a new TSA cartoon aimed at kids. The two minute cartoon, available online (and included below), was created to help kids become more comfortable with the heavy-handed security measures at TSA airport checkpoints. Instead, the cartoon comes across as somewhat creepy, with talking dogs that walk upright, a submissive attitude toward government officials, and the joys of walking through a metal detector.

The cartoon shows a family of four dogs going through an airport terminal, with the father dog explaining the TSA's "Stop-Screen-Go" process of clearing passengers for air travel. A young boy dog has reservations, but the father dog puts those fears to rest. "This is a security checkpoint and those people work for TSA," he tells his son at one point.

" looks kinda scary. I don't think Molly will like it," the boy dog replies.

"Nah, it's not scary. TSA officers are here to keep us secure. So don't worry, just remember stop-screen-go," the father says in a reassuring manner. The dog family is then shown removing their shoes and walking through a metal detector, which flashes bright colors. The TSA even confiscates and screens the bottle used by the family's baby, which is then returned.

Conspicuously missing from the cartoon are some of the more invasive tactics by TSA, including the scanner that makes travelers appear naked, as well as the ever-popular pat-downs. Showing the dog family being patted down would likely have not made the cartoon family-friendly.

The idea that the TSA deemed it necessary to use taxpayer dollars to create a cartoon on such a ridiculous subject may anger many, but even more infuriating may be the TSA is attempting to marginalize those critical of their screening process by dismissing it as childish fears.

Here is the cartoon:

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