LA Times writer: The Bible threatens to limit American liberty

History tells us that, for many of America’s forefathers, the fight for liberty was inspired by their Christian faith, best summed up by the idea that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. According to Los Angeles Times columnist/cartoonist David Horsey, however, the Bible preaches anything but that. In fact, he argues that the Bible preaches a gospel that limits liberty, namely gay rights.

In a column and cartoon published January 6 titled "Duck man Phil Robertson's Bible cannot limit American liberty," Horsey took the recent Duck Dynasty controversy to make his feelings about the Bible known. In reference to Phil Robertson, who said Christianity teaches homosexuality is a sin, Horsey attacks the moral authority of the Bible, and uses an old liberal argument to back up his case:
He (Robinson) has made it quite clear in numerous forums that he believes the Gospel is the gospel truth. However, Robertson is not absolved of responsibility for his words simply because they are based on the teachings of his particular brand of Christianity. Not too long ago in this country, the Bible was used by some people to justify slavery. Those people also had a right to their opinion, but they were still wrong.
Of course, Horsey assumes that the mention of slavery in the Bible equates to endorsement, which is not the case. Rich Deem of provides an excellent rebuttal to this argument, by contrasting the indentured servitude of Biblical times from modern involuntary slavery. He also provides multiple Scriptural references that demand the humane treatment of servants. On the other hand, the Bible is clear that some sexual practices, including homosexuality, are sinful. Horsey hopes the reader will not bother to verify his assertion, however, because it justifies what he says next about the Bible.

Having discredited the moral authority of the Bible (at least in his mind), Horsey is concerned that it will have a negative effect on liberty and our rights, and so attempts to marginalize its role in the concept of democratic freedom. He says the Bible (among other books) have as much relevance to American liberty than the book Winnie the Pooh. “(My) concern is the ever-widening scope of freedom in our democratic republic, and the only documents that matter, in that regard, are the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution...No matter what any other document says -- including the Bible,” he said.

To hammer home his point, Horsey includes a cartoon of Robertson holding up a Bible and saying homosexuality is a sin. He is contrasted by a gay activist holding up a copy of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and saying Biblical fundamentalists like Robertson are unevolved.

For Horsey, freedom seems to begin and end with gay rights and entitlements. He makes no mention of how the issue is being used to force Christians to violate their personal beliefs and liberties, including a baker in Washington state forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding after refusing to do so. Instead, Horsey seems more concerned that one man’s Biblical beliefs are the greatest threat to liberty there is.

Jesus once said the truth of the Bible would set men free. David Horsey and the Los Angeles Times seem to think they know better.

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