Sarah Silverman's YouTube video features a pro-abortion Jesus

Comedian Sarah Silverman posted a YouTube comedy sketch today in which Jesus Christ visits her, drops an F-bomb, and asks her to spread his message - that women should be allowed to have abortions.

The video, called "Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ," also features actor Michael Weatherly, who plays Anthony DiNozzo on the hit CBS series NCIS, as Jesus. The video (featured below) shows Jesus appearing in a glittering light to Silverman in her apartment, and asking her to spread his message to people, while dropping the F-word in the process. Silverman then asks "Jesus" when life begins, and Weatherly responds "Fertilized eggs aren't people. People are people."

While wearing a shirt that says "Feminist" on it (apparently that needed to be made clear), Silverman then goes in an odd direction, ranting that "under God" wasn't added to the Pledge of Allegiance until the 1950s. She also gets angry when pointing out that "In God We Trust" became the nation's motto around the same time, saying it was in direct contradiction to the separation of church and state our nation's fathers intended.

Silverman then begins to blame religious intrusion in government for new laws making access to "safe abortions" harder to get. She criticizes Rick Perry for supporting a law that would reduce the number of abortion clinics in Texas from 42 to 5. She says "a woman should not have to pack a lunch to get health care." By "health care," she means an abortion. Silverman fails to mention that the clinics would close because the doctors performing the abortions there must be qualified enough to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Most are not.

She also rants that women in Texas are "violated" by being "forced" to endure a sonogram showing the "fetus" before getting an abortion. She counters that men, in turn, should have a probe inserted into their penis, since sperm also show signs of "life."

The video is in support of a pro-abortion group called Lady Parts Justice.

Here is the video. Caution: there is very strong language.

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