The artist behind the Trayvon Martin nativity scene speaks

You likely heard about the Christmas Nativity display at Claremont United Methodist Church in California, which featured a bleeding Trayvon Martin in the place of the baby Jesus. In this YouTube video, the artist behind the display, John Zachary, somehow tries to justify how this is appropriate.

Lost in this whole debate is the fact that no one, except for Zimmerman and Martin, know what happened that night. Both have their supporters and critics, and neither wants to admit that each one holds some responsibility in what happened. Both if them chose to confront each other when both had chances to walk away. This feeble attempt to paint Martin as an innocent victim is an insult to common sense and the miracle of the birth of Christ. This isn't the first time Zachary has used a nativity scene to make controversial social statements, and the United Methodist Church is to blame for allowing him to do this year after year. 

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