Democrats in Congress show hypocrisy over the minimum wage hike

While we all can agree that workers should be paid fairly, this push to hike the minimum wage is a seriously misguided attempt that will hurt the very people it wants to help. Ironically, as this graphic from shows, most of the congressmen supporting the hike don't even bother to pay their interns. Republicans shouldn't laugh too loudly at the hypocrisy; of the 4% that do, all are either Democrats or Independents. The GOP is much like the rest of Congress, and doesn't compensate their interns either. You can click here to see the full PolicyMic article about the 96%.

Mike Flynn of has an excellent article about the myths surrounding the minimum wage issue, which you can read for yourself by clicking right here. Perhaps the most surprising fact about minimum wage workers comes from the Department of Labor itself, which states that out of 75 million hourly wage earners, only 1.2 million earn minimum wage, with most of those young workers just entering the work force.

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