Valentine's cards use cute animals to promote Obamacare

The Obama administration's attempts to promote the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, haven't been very successful, and some (like the infamous Pajama Boy) have been downright laughable. Their latest effort once again ruins a popular holiday by shoehorning Obamacare where it is neither needed or wanted. But at least you get pictures of cute cats.

Organizing for Action, the political action group that was once President Obama's reelection organization, has been behind most of the failed Obamacare promotional campaigns. Their Valentine's Day campaign, like the oft-criticized attempt to use Christmas to promote Obamacare, hopes Americans will use a holiday to tell others that they should get covered by the Healthcare Insurance Exchange Marketplace. They issued a number of Valentine's Day e-cards, and suggested supporters email them and post them to Facebook.

The cards, promoting the "Adorable Care Act," feature a variety of cute, cuddly animals and bad puns about insurance. One card featuring a group of kittens says "Get pamPURRED with health care," while another card featuring pandas says "Not having health insurance? That's PANDAmonium." Another cat card states "I'm not KITTEN. Get covered," and a polar bear card proclaims "You're beary special to me, so please get covered."

The campaign was announced via email by Sara El-Amine, National Organizing Director for Organizing for Action, and used the email to encourage sharing the cards from an OFA webpage. "The Adorable Care Act is one of my favorite things on the internet," she said. "No one should ever have to choose between talking about health care reform, and sharing gratuitously cute animals online. You're probably wondering: Is the answer to getting more Americans covered really just more pictures of kittens and pandas?"

Apparently not. A quick glance at the Adorable Care Act Facebook page shows most of the Obamacare Valentine's cards have been shared fewer than 100 times.

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