Liberal Sarah Silverman is the new Orbit Gum spokeswoman

Brendan Eich, the Mozilla CEO, recently lost his job because he supported traditional marriage and offended the gay community. Controversial shock comic Sarah Silverman routinely offends Christians and conservatives, and she was recently named a spokesperson for Orbit Gum.

Welcome to the new normal in America.

Silverman has a well-earned reputation for being controversial and offensive, and not just by the Christian and political right. Her insult brand of humor includes using slurs against Asians on Conan O'Brien's show, joking about mentally challenged children while using the word "retarded," and routinely joking about rape. Even though her humor raises eyebrows even among her fans, she remains popular, celebrated by popular media, and gainfully employed.

That's not to say Silverman's shtick hasn't worn thin on many. In fact, many consider her highly overrated: The Daily Beast ran a column called "Why Sarah Silverman Sucks," and The Nation points out that her humor is more smug condescension than inspired comedy.

Silverman, a vocal abortion rights supporter, recently posted a YouTube video in which she is visited by Jesus (played by NCIS actor Michael Weatherly), who tells her an unborn child isn't a person and even drops an F-bomb. In the same video, Silverman also rants against "In God We Trust" as our national motto and the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance. She evens goes off on Texas Gov. Rick Perry, blaming him for tough new state regulations on abortion clinics meant to protect women from malpractice.

And yet, because most of Silverman's barbs are directed at conservatives, religion, and Jesus, her reputation retains a certain sheen that makes her a darling among her Hollywood counterparts. It is one of the reasons why someone whose comedy is borderline obscene was still hired to be the voice of Vanellope in the Disney animated hit Wreck-It Ralph.

Orbit Gum doesn't seem to have a problem with Silverman either, which is why she is now starring in a commercial for them. Orbit has never shied away from using daring (but not offensive) humor in their commercials, but with Silverman on board, the commercial features a line that alludes to a sexual act. (The line includes lipstick left on a "rim," and if you do not get the reference, you might not want to Google it.)

Consumers who want to voice their displeasure to Orbit about their choice of Silverman as their spokeswoman can direct their complaints to The Wrigley Company, owners of Orbit Gum, at their consumer feedback page located here. You can also contact Wrigley by phone at 1(800) WRIGLEY, or 1(800) 974-4539.

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