Howard Stern fan dupes MSNBC, mocks Malaysia Airlines tragedy

We aren't sure what's worse: that a Howard Stern fan would make light of a tragedy that killed nearly 300 people, or the ineptitude of MSNBC and host Krystal Ball gave this idiot a platform and didn't catch on right away.

In case you missed it, MSNBC's Ball was hosting 'The Cycle' and providing coverage of the shoot-down of Malaysian Flight MH17 in the Ukraine on Thursday. A man claiming to be a U.S. Army staff sergeant managed to convince MSNBC producers that he had witnessed the event, and they put him on the air to be interviewed by Ball.

Things went south pretty quick, as the man said at the beginning of the interview that it appeared the plane was “shot down by a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.” Neither Ball nor MSNBC producers reacted to the line, and Ball continued to try to question him. The man then told Ball “Well, you’re a dumbass aren’t you,” at which time, producers informed Ball she was being pranked and went to a commercial.

That MSNBC was duped into putting this guy on the air speaks to the lazy journalistic standards the network has, if any. The man claimed to be at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine at the time, which is in Kiev, nowhere near the crash site, so it would have been impossible to have seen the plane go down.

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