TMZ calls Sarah Palin a B***H and gets away with it

America may claim to be hyper-sensitive and politically correct when it comes to criticizing women, but make no mistake: it's still open season on conservative women.  

Case in point: TMZ, the guys masking paparazzi stalkers as journalists, recently reported on Sarah Palin getting a speeding ticket. That opened up a wave of attacks from TMZ staffers (who comment on the stories), including some of their female staffers, calling Palin a "bitch" and a "horrible mom." A male staffer then chimed in that she was "too stupid to be evil." You can see the full TMZ segment above.

Let's see...Jenny McCarthy jokes that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian and has to apologize in an op-ed, and yet TMZ is allowed to call someone a "bitch" and get away with it because they are conservative? It seems some women are more equal than others.

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