Would Michelle Obama eat Abortion Ice Cream or Gay Whoppers?

First Lady Michelle Obama stresses the importance of eating healthy, even though she rarely practices what she preaches and likes to indulge in high calorie foods. It would not surprise us, then, if Mrs. Obama downs a "Gay Whooper" to show her support for gay marriage and polishes that off with a scoop of "Planned Parenthood Ice Cream" to show her solidarity for baby killing.

The mainstream media once bemoaned the idea that Chick-fil-A would politicize fast food when the company's founder endorsed Christian beliefs and traditional marriage. Now that the politicization has shifted to a liberal cause, the media is embracing, if not celebrating, the move.

You likely heard about the "Gay Whopper," which was offered by a San Francisco Burger King during the city's Gay Pride Parade in June. Actually called the "Proud Whopper," the burger is no different from a standard Whopper, except that it comes in a rainbow-colored wrapper with the words "We Are All The Same Inside."

Burger King recently posted a YouTube video promoting the "Gay Whopper," which included a shot of a Burger King manager asking a customer if they wanted meat, because "we can go both ways."

Meanwhile, up the West Coast in Portland, Oregon, supporters of abortions rights wanted to show some solidarity with Planned Parenthood, so an ice cream shop called What's The Scoop? offered a special flavor ("Rose City Revolution") to honor the organization, with 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the ice cream donated to the abortion provider. The flavor was sold during a special event at the business on July 17.

A Facebook event post advertising
"Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood"
The abortion ice cream event was first reported by LifeNews.com, who posted an image from the event listing called "Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood," from the Facebook page of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon. Although Planned Parenthood said the event was a "big success," how much money was raised was not disclosed. In addition, the owner of the ice cream shop claims they have received threatening messages via phone and social media, although the only insult they could actually produce is a Facebook post from someone asking if they would produce a flavor called "Fetus Fudge."

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