Is Android the official smartphone of gay marriage?

Google's line of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, are the most popular mobile devices in the world, eclipsing both Windows mobile devices and iOS devices like iPhone. The success of Android is due to providing a product that consumers like and trust, but many of those same consumers might be irked by new Android commercials that decide to weigh in on a controversial social issue.

A series of new Android commercials feature quick shots of different slices of American life, but in-between the shots of traditional America are scenes showing and supporting gay marriage. In one commercial, titled "And You," which has been widely shown on television, one man is shown proposing to another man. In another commercial, titled "Be Together.  Not The Same," two men are shown kissing in a gay wedding ceremony. The commercial the gay marriage segment is used in explains that the world moves forward when people make brave decisions, and the gay marriage scene is coupled with a shot of Martin Luther King speaking and leading a protest march.

While Android obviously has the right to use whatever content they want in their commercials, to take a stand on such a contentious issue while promoting electronic devices makes little sense. It should be noted that this is not merely a company featuring gay Americans in their advertising. This is a company promoting gay marriage, an issue that divides most Americans, mostly on religious grounds, and is still not legal in many states. With recent reports of business owners being fined or threatened with jail time for refusing to participate in gay marriages, many feel such heavy-handed advocacy on an issue most consumers disagree on has no place in a commercial for smartphones and electronic devices.

Do you think Android devices should be used to promote gay marriage, or should consumer advertising stay out of controversial issues? Feel free to comment below.

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