Expedia celebrates a very gay Valentines Day

According to travel website Expedia.com, nothing says Valentines Day like lesbians.

A commercial released by the website promoting Valentines Day getaways, which aired on network and cable stations, featured a number of couples kissing in public places. Titled "PDA," the commercial implored amorous couples to "get a room," suggesting they use Expedia to book a hotel room.

However, in the middle of all the shots of kissing couples is a quick scene of two women kissing on a street corner. The shot is quick - only about three seconds long - and the couple is partially obscured for a second. Many viewers may not even realize they are both female, but a few sharp-eyed viewers caught the attempt at social commentary and voiced their displeasure on social media. Here is the commercial:

Expedia is the world's largest travel website.

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