Here are the Facebook and Twitter pages of the reporter who attacked Memories Pizza

You're likely familiar with all the liberal fury directed at Memories Pizza, the Indiana pizzeria who dared to say they supported the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). You're likely not familiar, however, with the reporter who falsely characterized them as bigots. South Bend's ABC 57 reporter Alyssa Marino mischaracterized the owners of Memories Pizza, stating they would not serve gay customers, when in fact they said they would hypothetically turn down an offer to cater a gay wedding. Now, supporters of Memories Pizza are letting Marino know just how they feel, thanks to Facebook.

Alyssa Marino's Facebook page (click here to visit it) has been inundated with criticism from individuals upset over her slanted, sensationalized reporting. Marino has not responded on Facebook to the comments, and her last post is dated March 31, promoting the story, which was titled "RFRA: First business to publicly deny same-sex service." It should be noted that the owners of Memories Pizza stated they have never and would never deny serving a gay person, but if asked, would refuse to cater a gay wedding, which would be seen as an endorsement of gay marriage.

Marino did respond to the controversy through her Twitter account (@alyssa_marino). She didn't seem to be so aggressive towards the owners of Memories Pizza when responding to a tweet, stating "I just walked into their shop and asked how they feel. They've never been asked to cater a same-sex wedding." She did, however, manage to retweet someone who was heaping praise on her for being a "phenomenal, passionate and honest reporter." Obviously, the criticism is getting to her, as the desperate attempt to pat herself on the back shows.

A GoFundMe campaign raised nearly $850,000 for Memories Pizza after threats of violence caused them to temporarily close their doors.

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