You won't believe how much time Obama has spent on the golf course

This weekend, CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller reported that President Obama played the 250th round of golf of his presidency on Saturday. Knoller also mentioned an interview Obama did with CBS back in 2009, in which he said he enjoys playing golf because it gets him "out of the bubble" of the White House and outside for six hours. Think about that - our President is spending six hours at a time on any given day out on the golf course. Only our President could do that and still keep his job.

We decided to do the math and figure out exactly what sort of impact Obama's golf hobby is having on his job. 250 rounds of golf, at six hours per round, equals out to 1,500 hours. That means President Obama has played golf the equivalent of 24 hours a days for nearly 63 days of his Presidency. That's obscene.  

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