Anti-Rubio Facebook group founder promotes white supremacists, supports Trump

The founder of an anti-Marco Rubio Facebook group openly supports the white nationalist/white pride movement, while at the same time voicing support for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Frank Jorge, who refers to Rubio as "the little Cuban boy," is the founder and administrator of "Marco Rubio: Amnesty Traitor," a public Facebook group boasting 228 members. While it appears most members who joined the group are motivated by anti-immigrant political views or because they support another GOP candidate, Jorge appears to have a more radical agenda.

Jorge hosts an internet podcast called "The Frank and Friends Radio Show." While he often covers subjects important to many conservatives, including government overreach and endorsing the candidacy of Donald Trump, Jorge often takes some extreme political stances, most notably during his January 28th podcast, which featured a discussion about Trump, the shooting of LaVoy Finicum, and an interview with a husband and wife white supremacist duo. It gave Jorge cause to prominently display on his website the "White Pride" logo favored by white supremacists.

Screenshot of Jorge's website (click to see larger version)
During his show, while interviewing white supremacists Jon and Chealsea Roan, Jorge claimed white nationalists are "highly discriminated against." When Chelsea Roan complains that "America is run by blacks" and states "we should be proud of our race," Jorge agreed. "I don't see anything wrong with that," he says. The Roans repeatedly use the n-word, saying they can use it because black people do. Jon Roan then complains about the portrayal of Hitler in history and says "blacks have not invented anything" or contributed to the world's advancement. He also complains that in school, he was taught that "Martin Luther King was the greatest damn n****r to walk the face of the earth." Jorge does not use the n-word personally during his show, but never challenges the Roans for their use of it. Instead, he complains about the impact of blacks on society and the "forced" racial integration of our schools and society. Jon closes the interview with a quote from Hitler.

Such racism is less prominent on the anti-Rubio Facebook page, where most of the posts are more politically minded, but do attack Rubio for his efforts to reform immigration.  Members of the group may be less radicalized, but no less vindictive. One posted a YouTube video calling Rubio an "Al-Qaeda spokesman," while another claims he loves Syrian terrorists. A member named Dick Farrel claimed "He is an Hispanic Extremist-supremacist...his real goal is to make the USA yet another Taco Stand on the Western Hemisphere."

Despite Jorge's adamant hatred of Rubio and his embrace of white nationalism, it is perhaps ironic that he failed to mention to his "white pride" associates, or to most of his anti-amnesty friends, an important fact about himself.

Frank Jorge is a Cuban immigrant. Cuban immigrants benefit from an "instant amnesty" program, even with an undocumented arrival in the United States.

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