Here's the latest option for gender identity, and it makes no sense

Just when you thought we had run out of gender identity options, lo and behold, our feckless culture has come up with another attempt to achieve true left-wing political correctness. is one of the more popular audio-based websites on the internet, offering millions of songs, podcasts, radio shows, and sound bites. If you register an account on the site, however, you get an unusual request. In addition to your name and year of birth, Soundcloud asks for your gender identity. Not your sex: your gender identity. Even more odd, however, are the gender identity options presented to you: in addition to male and female (and the "prefer not to answer" option), you are given the option to identify your gender as "custom." Here's a screenshot:

I don't know about you, but when I think of customizing something, I don't think of my gender; I think of cars. I think of rims on wheels and some speakers in the trunk. Exactly how one's gender can be customized is beyond me. Maybe some questions shouldn't be answered. 

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