'Photo ID' sign at DNC highlights Democrat hyprocrisy

This photo, taken at the Democratic National Convention, was posted to Facebook by Wayne Christian, former Texas state representative and current candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner.  It shows a sign requiring delegates to show a photo ID to receive credentials and participate in convention activities. The procedure seems to fly in the face of the Democrats' political position that photo IDs should not be required to vote. It is not clear from where the photo originated.

"The hypocrisy of the Democrat Party never ceases to amaze me," Christian said in the Facebook post. "This photo taken at the Democrat Convention shows that the party requires photo identification to participate as a delegate at convention. This is the same party that describes Voter ID as an 'unnecessary restriction on those seeking to exercise freedom.'"

The irony was not lost on conservatives, who took the photo viral on social media. The Democratic party has not commented on the photo.

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