Supreme Court decision ignores hundreds of mothers killed by botched abortions

When the Supreme Court struck down provisions of Texas' abortion clinic regulations this week, pro-abortion supporters rejoiced on social media. They somehow considered it a victory that women across the state of Texas will now be obtaining abortions from clinics with little professional oversight and doctors who may not be qualified to treat them if the abortion is botched.

Among the regulations that were struck down was a requirement that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. That measure would have prevented another "Kermit Gosnell" situation, where an unqualified abortionist was operating in unsanitary conditions and harming countless women by botching their abortions.

Abortion advocates claim that the Texas regulations were pointless because women are not at risk of complications during the abortion process. CDC statistics, however, say otherwise. At least 400 women have died from botched abortions in the United States since legalization, with countless more harmed and maimed. Exact numbers may never be known, as documentation of such cases are not required. Life Dynamics has compiled hundreds of documented cases in which women died from abortions; Priests for Life has a partial list of the victims here.     

And yet, liberals and pro-abortion activists continue to ignore the victims on both sides of the abortion procedure, and instead play word games with the truth. The latest term is "undue burden,"which was used to demean the measures taken to ensure doctors are medically qualified to provide services. The "undue burden" logic that abortion supporters say women must endure to go to a clinic is nothing new. In 2011, Obama used similar terminology, by arguing that he didn't want his daughters "punished with a baby.

This tweet, sent out by Lexi Martinez, shows just how twisted one's logic must be to be pro-abortion these days. Terms like "undue burden" are just ambiguous enough to hide the true horrific nature of abortion from the public discourse. 

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