This Dallas 'Black Lives Matter' leader forgot he's a white dude

As the Dallas shootings in which five police officers lost their lives unfolded, the press gave a platform to the Dallas Black Lives Matter leaders who organized the protest that led to the gunfire. That included Rev. Jeff Hood, a liberal "pastor" who is his own march of walking contradictions.

Let's start with the most glaring head-scratcher: Hood spends most of his time speaking out against the racism of white Americans, while being as white as Liquid Paper himself. You might think otherwise if you only heard his voice on the radio, as his self-inflicted speech patterns are noticeably urban, but make no mistake, he's as white as a gallon of vanilla ice cream. 

Even though he is an ordained Baptist pastor (he graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), he advocates for assimilation with Islam and its teachings, even going as far as saying Jesus became a Muslim. He once said "I have no question that Jesus is so intimately incarnated with and connected to our Muslim friends that he has become one. If we want to walk with Jesus in this moment of extreme oppression and marginalization, we will too." (Reported by JihadWatch)

He is a vocal gay rights advocate, and even earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Queer Theology from the Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University (That's right - TCU is giving out doctorates in "Queer Theology"). In 2013, he was awarded PFLAG Fort Worth's Equality Award for Activism. Despite his radical gay rights advocacy, he is married to a woman and has five children.

Even though the Dallas shooter did not have direct ties to Black Lives Matter, Hood himself has been responsible for some violent rhetoric, including seemingly advocating violence towards police officers. “The police are always prepared for a gunfight. We shouldn’t be surprised when they actually get one,” he said in a May 2015 post on his website.

For a Baptist preacher, Hood hardly proclaims his faith. He describes himself as "a radical mystic and prophetic voice to a closed society."


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