Folks are looking for Pokemon in all the wrong places

Pokemon Go is turning people into inconsiderate idiots. Even more so than usual.

The mobile game, which requires people to walk around their city and "capture" Pokemon in a digital scavenger hunt, has turned a number of public places into madhouses for players. It has also caused some inappropriate situations, in which people are chasing the digital monsters in places that call for respect and reflection.

There has been public outcry when the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum and Arlington National Cemetery had to ask players not to hunt for Pokemon on their grounds. In Dallas, Dealey Plaza (the site of the Kennedy Assassination) has been overrun with Pokemon Go players spending more time looking at their phones than looking up at the history around them.

In Winona, Minnesota, the city council had to add restrictions to activities at their local Veterans Memorial Park after Pokemon Go players began gathering in large numbers at all times of the day, killing the grass and landscaping and angering local veterans who say they are being disrespectful. The situation was inflamed in recent days after a viral video surfaced in which a veteran confronted Pokemon Go players at the park, leading to a physical confrontation. Video of the incident can be seen here (warning: language and mature content).


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