Liberal hipster musician swipes "Back the Blue" sign, gets caught

Earlier this week, the woman in the picture above was caught on surveillance video stealing a "Back the Blue" sign from Norma's Cafe in Dallas. The sign was placed at the cafe to honor Brent Thompson, one of the officers killed in the Dallas police ambush shooting in July. Thompson was a regular at Norma's, and was well known and liked by the staff.

Speculation ran rampant as to why the woman stole the sign. Some thought she wanted the sign for her own yard, but most believed she was offended over the "Back the Blue" slogan. After the photo was shared widely on social media, the woman was identified. She was exactly what most people expected: a liberal hipster who finds the idea of "Backing the Blue" offensive.

The woman, who lives in Austin, is the singer in a band that was on tour and had stopped at the cafe to eat. The woman's mother took to social media to apologize for her daughter's behavior and promised the sign would be returned. The sign was indeed returned and is back on display.

The woman later gave an interview with a reporter from the Dallas CBS affiliate, saying she was offended by the "political propaganda" on the sign. “We’ve been on tour, so we see a lot of these extreme signs all across the country and it just scares me you know. I think it’s dangerous to create a divide like that,” she said. The woman was also offended over the backlash she received, which she claims included threats of violence.

Source: CBS DFW


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