GUN CONFIRMED? Keith Lamont Scott's gun may be seen in Charlotte police bodycam video

(Originally posted at The “victim” narrative of Keith Lamont Scott is falling part. The family of Scott has insisted that he was not carrying a gun when he was shot by Charlotte police last week. That story has now been discredited, as police officials have said his gun was found at the scene with his fingerprints and DNA on it. The police bodycam and dashcam video does not appear to show him carrying a gun. Or so it seemed.

Conservative radio talk show host Grant Stinchfield has posted a screengrab he found on the police bodycam video, which MAY SHOW Scott holding a rectangle-shaped object in his clinched right hand just before he was shot. Scott is right-handed. The quality of the video makes it very hard to tell conclusively.

Here is the image:

That does not appear to be a book. What do you think it is?


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