Hillary Clinton's campaign database is unsecured, open to hacking

Jack O'Sullivan of Regated.com has exposed yet another security flaw in a Hillary Clinton computer system. This time, it involves personal information for voters around the country. Even your personal information may be at risk, as this violation of voter privacy is not limited to Democratic voter databases.

The Clinton campaign has an internet-based phonebank database accessible to anyone, providing names, locations, and phone numbers of voters across the country, with no security precautions set up to protect this information. O'Sullivan explained in his report:
As of September 19th at 7:47 PM, I was able to log into her phone banking website using two separate burner email accounts, a false name, and false zip code. I was immediately granted access to voters personal information without so much as an email verification.  The myriad safety and privacy concerns range from more mundane annoyance of increased telemarketer call, to the legitimately nightmarish potential for domestic violence scenarios.
Here's a video that explains how anyone can access Hillary's voter database:

Once again, security means nothing to Hillary Clinton. The problem is, will the media even take notice of this breach of voter privacy?

You can read more by clicking here to visit Regated.com.

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