VIDEO: Stephen Colbert mocks memory of Benghazi heroes to defend Hillary

Stephen Colbert isn't hosting a late night talk show on CBS; he's hosting an anti-conservative propaganda machine that runs after the local news and makes occasional jokes.

Take, for instance, what Colbert did to mock those questioning Hillary Clinton's health. Last week, he trivialized their concerns by referring to her illness as "Lunghazi." In doing so, he mocked the memory of the American heroes who died in Benghazi. Some may argue that Colbert was merely mocking what he sees as "manufactured outrage," but make no mistake: he is doing so by mocking the sacrifice and the memory of the men who died at Benghazi. Watch the video here:

At least this makes clear that Colbert is the type of person that will mock the memory of the Benghazi heroes to defend Hillary Clinton and marginalize her critics. 

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  1. what? Benghazi wasn't mentioned once! And this is quite anti-hiliary. Also fuck you for inciting me to watch that humourless shit