VP Debate proves Tim Kaine is bat-guano crazy

Some of Donald Trump's support comes from the fact that people cannot stomach the idea of a person like Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. After the first Vice Presidential Debate, Republicans may have an even better argument. Does America really want someone as unhinged as Tim Kaine a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Let's consider Kaine's behavior Tuesday. Not only was it erratic, it was rude and condescending, and not just to GOP nominee Mike Pence. Kaine drew criticism for his treatment of debate moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway seized the "war on women" narrative right out of the mouths of feminists and turned it in favor of Trump and Pence. Minutes after the debate, she pointed out to both Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity that Kaine's interruptions and rude behavior towards Quijano would be scandals if Donald Trump or Mike Pence had done it.

Liberals had their issues with Kaine after he had the audacity to MANSPLAIN to Quijano. If you're not up on the latest liberal PC terms, "mansplaining" is the act of talking in a condescending manner to a woman as if they are stupid. While that is an actual thing, liberals tend to over-exaggerate most instances. That may be the case for Kaine, as he earned criticism for saying "This is important, Elaine," while trying to bring up an unrelated talking point. Here's a clip:

The outrage over the comment is likely much ado about nothing, but you won't hear complaints from us if feminists and liberals want to cut Kaine down.

In addition, Kaine earned the wrath of liberals after he was caught WINKING at Quijano during the debate. They found it incredibly condescending to do that to a minority female, while Republicans took it as a sign that the two were in cahoots. See for yourself:

Perhaps the best indicator of Kaine's bad night was his constant interruptions of both Pence and Quijano. Estimates vary as to how many times Kaine actually interrupted, but even liberal CBS News puts the interruptions at 60, nearly double the number of Pence interruptions. The Republican National Committee estimates he interrupted 64 times, but The Independent Journal Review claims it was as high as 72 times.

The Washington Free Beacon summed up Kaine's interruptions perfectly, creating a "supercut" video of five straight minutes of his interruptions of Mike Pence. This actually may not be all of his interruptions, but it is still an exhausting video to watch:

Forbes said Mike Pence easily won the debate by staying above the fray, but was less kind to Kaine. "In contrast, Kaine frequently interrupted. He fidgeted, talked quickly and answered questions defensively. He jumped from talking point to talking point, even after Pence called him on it, and rarely looked directly into camera," Brett Edkins said.

Finally, much was made of Kaine's facial expressions, including his rogue eyebrow that reminded many of Jack Nicholson's Joker from Batman. The eyebrow caught so much attention that the hashtag #TimKainesEyebrow trended on Twitter. Even Donald Trump made a passing reference with a retweet:

So what did you think? Did Tim Kaine's erratic behavior sink his chances to get Hillary elected?

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