Hillary avoiding press on her own campaign plane

Jennifer Griffin of Fox News (along with many other members of the press) is reporting that Hillary Clinton has not spoken with press members on her campaign plane since Friday. That happens to be the same day the FBI announced they were re-opening an investigation into her private email server. So where's Hillary?

The sudden move to secrecy is curious, as Clinton has been much more open with the press lately. She has often made a point of traveling to the back of her campaign plane while in flight to answer questions from the press in an informal manner. No more.

Hillary Clinton in happier times, before she went into hiding
Making them look even more guilty is the fact that Huma Abedin has been banished from the campaign trail. Up until Friday, Huma was always at Hillary’s side. Now she is back at home in New York City.

Hiding from the press is nothing new for Hillary. During the primaries, Hillary went for months without a press conference. Now, she is hoping to avoid more controversy and coast to election day without having to answer questions. Like a football team with a lead, she is taking a knee and hoping to run out the clock. Donald Trump, the FBI, and now even the press itself, won’t let her.

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